Rumored human remains turn out to be seal’s | Bainbridge Island Briefs

What at first appeared to be hand and finger bones found in the estuary near White Point Saturday afternoon, can more accurately be described as flipper bones, according to Bainbridge Police.

Mystery bones not human

What at first appeared to be hand and finger bones found in the estuary near Point White Saturday afternoon, can more accurately be described as flipper bones, according to Bainbridge Police.

The skeletal remains initially appeared so human-like that the Kitsap County Coroner was called in, and police taped off the area as a possible crime scene.

The coroner later confirmed that the remains were not human and police now believe the bones came from the enlongated, hand-like skeletal structure found within a seal’s flipper.

“We’re virtually positive that’s what it was,” Deputy Police Chief Mark Duncan said.

Though rumors about human remains being found were rampant, Duncan said police were simply following procedure by cordoning off the area.

– Tad Sooter

Lund fund tops $45k

The 2008 “Lisa and Friends” breast cancer benefit calendar earned $45,000 “and change,” according to island photographer and project organizer Pete Saloutos.

The proceeds, after production costs, will go to the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, to fund free mammograms for women who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford them.

In early 2007, Saloutos learned that Lisa Lund, his friend and cohort in the island’s fitness community, had breast cancer. Having seen other women friends battle the disease, Saloutos resolved to do his part to combat it, too.

In the spirit of the 2003 film “Calendar Girls,” Saloutos and Lund recruited a dozen fit, 40- and 50-something island women to pose nude for a 2008 benefit calendar, each engaged in a sport she’d mastered. Participants were captured in activities ranging from rock climbing to kayaking to Lund’s own activity, cycling.

Calendars were sold at local venues including Eagle Harbor Book Co. and Island Fitness, with proceeds going to the non-profit Lisa Lund Fund.

As the fund grew, Saloutos, Lund and others involved in the project discussed where the proceeds would go and investigated various local and national cancer-related organizations. Saloutos originally favored funding research, but others wanted the money to be used in a more targeted fashion.

They agreed on the Seattle Cancer Care Alliance, to be earmarked specifically for free mammograms.

“What’s (this amount) going to do for research?” Saloutos said. “The women were the ones who really voiced the concern on this, that they wanted the money to help women directly.”

While convincing women to pose nude wasn’t always an easy sell, Saloutos said the end result has proved empowering for all involved.

“One of the things that I’ve learned as this thing has proceeded is that for the women who were involved in this, this is like a badge of honor,” Saloutos said. “When I’m around them and there are other people, they’re looked upon with great respect for doing this. It’s been cool that way.”

The Lisa Lund Fund will take donations for the next month; checks can be made out to The Lisa Lund Fund, and taken to Island Fitness in Winslow.

– Lindsay Latimore

Forecast sunny for BHS grads

Forecasts call for mostly sunny skies and highs of 70 degrees this weekend, good news for family and friends of Bainbridge High School’s class of 2008, which graduates Saturday.

But given recent spring weather, attendees may want to have raingear handy for the event, which begins at 4 p.m. in the high school’s Memorial Stadium.

Parking will be available on the east side of campus in the “Commodore Pit” and the Aquatic Center. Space will also be available at First Church of Christ Scientist, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, First Baptist Church, Bethany Lutheran Church.

A shuttle bus will run continuously along High School Road, Madison Avenue, New Brooklyn Road, and Sportsman Club Road, to transport attendees to and from the stadium and park-and-ride areas will be established along the route. The access road behind the stadium will be open for handicapped pick-up and drop-off only.

Graduation is an entry by ticket event and all students are issued a limited number of tickets.

Eagle Harbor High School will also hold a Senior Celebration for seniors, family, and friends Friday at 6:30 p.m., at the First Baptist Church of Bainbridge Island.

For more information call Bainbridge High School at 842-2634 or Eagle Harbor High School at 780-1646.

Photo wall gets grant

The Port Gamble S’Kallam Foundation recently awarded a grant of $860 to the Bainbridge Island Parks Foundation to help complete the Transmitter Building Photo Project, which displays historic images of the Battle Point installation.

The award is part of the tribe’s grant program, which returns a portion of the profits from The Point Casino back to surrounding communities. The Parks Foundation was one of 16 non-profit groups, and the only island group, to be recognized in this round of grants.

The wall mural is being designed from a collection of photographs and drawings donated by islander Vincent Wolf, who served at the Transmitter Building during World War II.

The project is part of an ongoing effort to renovate the historic building. For more about Transmitter Building projects, call Bernadette Stephen-McRae at 780-0499 or see