‘Reflection’ sculpture bought by BI for $11,500

Art piece will be stored until new location at Waterfront Park is ready in 2022

On Tuesday, the Bainbridge Island City Council decided to purchase the “Reflection” steel sculpture for $11,500, adding it to the city’s permanent Public Art Collection.

“Reflection” is being paid for by the city’s Public Art Subfund. The artwork has been showcased in front of City Hall since last year. “Reflection” will be stored at a city facility until it goes to its new permanent location at the Waterfront Park playground area in 2022. Artist Abe Singer created the sculpture.

According to city documents, “Reflection” represents a constant change of life, a metamorphosis of pre- to post-COVID-19 period, represents the whimsical and profound, is consistent with the city’s goals for engaging public art and emphasizes the artist’s creative use of found materials.

“We are very passionate advocates for public art,” said Denise Stoughton, a member of the Public Art Committee. “We really feel strongly that it connects the community. We feel this will provide interest and vibrancy to that area. The sculpture itself is somewhat whimsical. It has a caterpillar and a butterfly facing each other. In the artist’s words, he feels that this sculpture encourages a moment of quiet reflection.”

The “Reflection” sculpture is one of three pieces of art installed as part of the city’s 2020-21 Something New Public Art Program. Something New is an annual rotation program of public art, which brings a collection of sculptures to downtown Bainbridge and displays them in public spaces.