Poetry event returns to large crowd

About 80 people attended the recent Poetry Corners, a well-known and long-running Bainbridge Island poetry movement.

The live reading event occurred in the main room of BI library May 1.

Also, roughly 35 poets were featured in windows of Winslow businesses and were published in the Poetry Corners chapbook.

The initial launch of the program was April 1, 1999. Poems by 21 poets were mounted on posters and displayed in Winslow business windows. The original intent: to expose islanders to poetry on a daily basis by featuring poems in public.

Now, Poetry Corners features poetry for one month, in April, to celebrate National Poetry Month. Poetry Corners will continue to feature all of the poetry on its website at bainbridgeislandpoetry.com. For details contact Tamarah Rockwood at bainbridgepoetry@gmail.com.

Poets featured were:

• Rockwood

• Beverley West

• Adelia Ritchie

• Angela Borneman

• Marcia Millican

• Jenny Coates

• Tara Kenneway

• Rex Olsen

• Donna Moore

• Teia McCoskery

• Cindy Vandersluis

• Rebecca Christensen

• Ray Beyer

• Diane Moser

• Scot Hedrick

• Carl Jensen

• Sue Hylan

• Kay Jensen

• Linda Packard

• Carolyn Parker

• John Davis

• Tamera Roza

• David Stallings

• Carmi Soifer

• Sharon Armstrong

• Joy Sprague

• Judy Rosen

• Judy Drechsler

• Marsha Cutting

• Ruth Marcus

• Judith Duncan

• Stefani Galaday

• Nancy Fowler.