Island teen arrested for DUI after roadside crash

Island teen arrested for DUI after roadside crash

A teenage driver was arrested after she crashed into a roadside trench while allegedly driving under the influence of alcohol while being under 21.

The teen was taken into custody shortly after the crash, which was reported at about 11 p.m. Monday, Feb. 17.

The driver, 18, of Bainbridge, had driven a gray 2015 Acura MDX off the road in the area of Eagle Harbor Drive and Bucklin Hill. When police arrived, they found the car on its side and the driver in the back of an ambulance. She was ultimately found to be uninjured.

Paramedics said the girl appeared to be intoxicated.

Witnesses of the crash described what happened to the first officer on the scene, and said the girl was driving erratically and crossed into the oncoming lane before leaving the road. The teen had immediately gotten out of the car, they said, and asked people not to call police.

When approached by police, the girl was crying and smelled strongly of alcoholic beverages. Her speech was slurred and she had very watery and bloodshot eyes, which police said they attributed to her crying and did not necessarily factor into their determination of her inebriation as there was sufficient evidence to support such a conclusion regardless.

An officer told the girl she appeared intoxicated, and was under 21, so a field sobriety test should be performed. The girl responded she had poor circulation and got cold easily. Police agreed to make accommodations when possible.

The girl’s right boot was untied, her pants were unzipped, and she had drool and snot on the front of her coat and pants and was swaying in all directions while trying to stand. She said if she got a DUI she would be unable to get into college and her life would be over and her mother would kill her.

The girl did poorly on the sobriety test.

Asked if she’d been drinking, she said she had four sips of wine at a friend’s house, but declined to say where her friend lived.

She was then arrested.

The girl claimed she could not be arrested because no breathalyzer test had been performed. Police told her that would be done at the station, and then read the girl her rights. She kept saying she knew her rights because she watched a lot of true crime TV shows and did not want the officer to talk anymore.

While being transported to the police station, the girl again began to cry, saying she would never get into a good college now and that it had been her first time ever drinking and driving.

At the station, the girl said police had no right to speak to her and insisted she wasn’t going to cooperate. Asked if she wanted an attorney, the girl said she didn’t have one. Asked if she wanted to speak to a public defender, she said she would not because “they are idiots.”

She asked instead to speak to her mother.

Police had already tried contacting her mother, the registered owner of the vehicle, but had reached only voicemail.

The girl tried to call her mother several times, with no success, and then called her father, who did answer. Her was attempting to reason with her, police said, when the girl began calling the officer a vulgar name and yelling at her father, saying she “didn’t have to be nice” and that he was “a bad parent” for not yelling at the officer.

The man asked to speak to the officer directly and apologized for his daughter’s behavior.

The girl was ultimately taken to Kitsap County Jail after again refusing to speak to an attorney. She at first resisted, saying she had the right to refuse any order the police gave her, but finally complied.

She reportedly fell asleep in Poulsbo en route and was roused at the jail, where she proceeded to start screaming at corrections staff.

A box of Franzia wine, two-thirds consumed, was subsequently found behind the driver’s seat of the Acura.

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