Growth necessitates move for Pelindaba Lavender

The Pelindaba Lavender store on Bainbridge Island has been very well received.

So much so, that it’s had to move to a larger location.

The store is now at 124 Madrone Lane, in downtown Winslow.

Although it’s just around the corner from the old location, it offers two and a half times the retail space of the previous store, said Kalina Jazuk, regional manager for Pelindaba Lavender.

“We really found a need to grow in this community,” she said. “This community has really embraced us, and we’re so pleased about that.”

The new location is decorated in “rustic elegance,” Jazuk said, and includes farm elements such as an old-time rake, a wooden plank door and wooden crates, which tie it to its roots.

Pelindaba Lavender is based on Friday Harbor in the San Juan Islands. On the farm’s 25 acres, there are more than 25,000 lavender plants. The company was planned by its owner Stephen Robins as a way to preserve the land from commercial development.

It is known for its organic process, termed “vertically integrated.”

“That means that from plant to product, we do it all — cultivate, harvest, distill and dry our lavender, and then create our product line,” she said. “The process is all overseen by us.”

And that’s what makes it stand out from other lavender that is sold in retail stores, or at farmers markets and craft fairs.

But the farm didn’t begin as a retail sales operation. Instead, it was planned years ago by its owner as a way to preserve the land from commercial development.

“He envisioned a place where people could come and walk and enjoy the space,” Jazuk said. “But as time passed, he saw more.”

According to the company’s website, the vertically integrated model of sustainable agriculture enables the company to preserve farmland from further development, protect it from pollution, create employment opportunities and provide a destination of natural beauty for islanders and visitors alike.

Today, the company has more than 200 individual products, six locations in Washington state that are company-owned stores, plus others in the state that are franchised, and also locations in Florida, Colorado and Chicago.

Products range from oils and lotions, to culinary items, to cleaners and even dog biscuits.

“Lavender has so many uses because of its many inherent benefits,” Jazuk said. “It can be used as an antiseptic, as a sedative with a relaxing aspect, for personal care and as a household cleaner and to cook with. It has such a beautiful scent — just about everyone likes it.”

The company’s most popular item is its 100 percent pure organic lavender essential oil.

“It has so many uses,” she said. “We sell a lot of it on Bainbridge.”

Second most popular is the hand and body lotion, “because it is both effectively hydrating and has many of the benefits of the lavender essential oil included in its ingredients.”

One of the most unique product line for Pelindaba is its culinary products.

“Each contains our organic culinary lavender and can be added to just about any recipe,” Jazuk said.

For example, there are salts, peppers and seasonings “that can be used when roasting the turkey at Thanksgiving,” she said. “It adds a unique flavor to dishes.”

The Lavender Herbes de Provence can be used with roasted squash for a great side dish, and the recipe is available at the store.

The most popular culinary item are the lavender shortbread cookies. There’s also a variety of lavender-infused teas and even lavender for apple cider.

Jazuk said some customers are surprised that lavender can be used in cleaning products, but it has a gentle abrasive and all-natural antiseptic qualities and it smells good, too.

The lavender organic hydrosol cleaner and disinfectant can be used for washing fruit, countertops, cutting boards,sinks, baths, floors and even windows. It has grease-cutting, anti-microbial, oil solvent and insect repellent qualities.

But what’s gaining in popularity is the company’s pet care line — pet shampoo, carpet cleaner and pet pillows.

“Right now, lots of people are coming in to learn about our pet care line,” she added. “Dogs are responding well to lavender.”

Many of the store’s products are packaged in gift boxes or baskets and the company ships for free.

“We’re anticipating a good holiday season,” she said. “And we want people to know we’ve moved.”

If you’re wandering past the Blackbird Bakery, just turn down the court and look for the place painted with the bright purple trim.

“This is a much easier location to access,” Jazuk said. “We’re just so pleased to be here.”

For more, see the company website at

Growth necessitates move for Pelindaba Lavender
Growth necessitates move for Pelindaba Lavender