Fun on the 4th

The Bainbridge Island 4th of July festivities were back in full force this year. Events included an old-timer’s baseball game, left, and a fun run. Other activities included an auction, street dance, parade and more.

Quarterback Jeff Utter ate some of the pancakes before helping sell them to the public on July 4.
Kids saddled up for pony rides during the July 4 Street Fair.
Bainbridge High School cheerleaders handed out ribbons to kids who participated in the fun run.
Despite facing a heavy downpour, Bainbridge High School alums took part in the old-timers game.
Children had the opportunity to get their faces painted during the July 4 Street Fair.
Bainbridge High School's football team provided a full breakfast to locals and visitors alike on July 4.
A couple took over the dance floor at Bainbridge Island's Street Dance on July 3.
Bainbridge Islanders filled up Winslow during the Street Fair.
The Kiwanis provided a miniature golf course for families to play on during the July 4 Street Fair.
Families took part in observing and voting for the best car in the July 4 Car Show.
Families sat down after receiving a breakfast and listened to live music in the Town & Country parking lot.
Bainbridge Island head baseball coach Geoff Brown pitched for the Reds team at the old-timers game.
Several participants took part in the first Bainbridge Island July 4 parade since pre-COVID.
The Bainbridge police and fire department headlined the July 4 parade.
Members of Island Fitness walked with a large U.S. flag over their heads throughout the milelong parade.
The Filipino American Community was one of several represented in the Bainbridge July 4 parade.