Congressman Kilmer on CR vote: ‘Congress has punted’

U.S. Representative Derek Kilmer voted against House Republicans’ Continuing Resolution to keep the federal government open Thursday.

Kilmer, a Gig Harbor Democrat who represents Washington state’s 6th Congressional District, said the passage of the short-term financing plan was an attempt by Congress “to once again kick the can down the road.”

The passage of the resolution will keep federal agencies open through Jan. 19.

He issued the following statement late Thursday following the 231-188 vote:

“I am disappointed that rather than using these last few weeks to do their jobs and produce a long-term, bipartisan spending plan, the majority of Congress has decided to once again kick the can down the road. I remain committed to working with the members of both parties to pass a long-term, bipartisan spending plan,” Kilmer said.

“Congress has punted from September to early-December, then to mid-December and now to January. No household would run their family finances three weeks at a time. No business would either,” he said. “These manufactured crises are certainly no way to run the government either. That’s why I supported measures like No Budget No Pay, which would mean Congress wouldn’t be paid if the government is shutdown.”

“In January, Congress should get serious and pass a long-term, bipartisan deal. That’s overdue. Doing so would mean government agencies and the federal workforce has the assurances needed to make long-term plans, which saves taxpayer money, allows the military to maintain readiness, and prevents Americans from having the government services on which they rely held hostage by partisan politics,” Kilmer said.