Compromise sought for Fort Ward playground

The community is divided about a new playground at Fort Ward, and Bainbridge Island Metro Parks and Recreation District commissioners are hoping for a compromise that will please the most people.

At a recent meeting, during public comments, Jessica Malouf said she supports the playground. She said it’s important to know 117 residents signed a petition in favor of it, and 54 members of the Fort Ward playground boosters group also support it.

There are three suggested locations, and she said compromises can be made to make more people happy, including using one of the two suggested areas farthest away from homes.

Erin McMann, Grant Morgan and Jess Morgan also spoke in favor of a playground.

A concern was raised at the previous meeting by Sarah Lee not to have it at the playground’s suggested location.

The consensus of the discussion was to keep talking to find a location that most people agree on.

Dan Hamlin, Park Services Division director, said he can help them through the process.

Noxious weeds

Natural Resources manager Lydia Roush talked about ways to control noxious weeds: such as using goats, chemicals or mowing and pulling weeds manually. Parks wants to work with Kitsap County, but there is no one in that position now.

Because of concerns about herbicides, Parks is looking at a new system that injects herbicide into the plant to slowly release it to kill the plant. It is safe for people and pets to be around.

Hayashida easement

Parks has a 30-foot-wide easement on property previously owned by the Hayashida family. The new owners bought it for their daughter, a professional cellist. They want to restore the barn and use it as a musical venue. So they want to narrow the easement. It is under consideration.