BI museum branches out with tree exhibit

Work is underway at the Bainbridge Island Historical Museum for a new exhibit called “Trees,” a yearlong celebration of an important BI resource.

Trees will open Nov. 18. Museum admission is free.

Trees have always played a central role in the life and culture of BI residents, from the Suquamish people to immigrant homesteaders to residents today, a museum news release says. The city maintains a Heritage Tree program to identify and safeguard trees of exceptional size, form, age, rarity, ecological and cultural significance.

Inspired by the book Historic, Champion & Unique Trees of BI by Olaf Ribeiro, the exhibit will feature seven oversized photographs. Joel Sackett was commissioned to photograph some of the BI champion and Heritage trees. His photographs capture the trees’ majesty, fragility and human connection.

Curator Merilee Mostov said: “People expect to find stories about people at a history museum. I’ve always wanted to expose the stories of the island’s many magnificent trees. So often, their stories include people. Joel captured that connection brilliantly in this beautiful series of tree portraits.”

The museum is open 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.