Bainbridge blotter | ‘Awkward attempt at a prank’

Selected reports from the Bainbridge Island Police Department blotter.


9:34 a.m. Officers took a report of an alleged incidence of malicious mischief involving potted plants being rearranged.

A 71-year-old Bainbridge Island woman called police to report the occurrence, which had taken place sometime in the night. She said somebody had evidently come onto her back porch and moved two very large potted plants. The person, or persons, also broke the porch light, she said.

The woman had no idea who might have moved her plants, but police noted that, based on her home’s proximity to Fay Bainbridge Park, the incident might “be an awkward attempt at a prank by juveniles.”

10:46 a.m. A 28-year-old Bainbridge woman called police to report a message, which she believed to be hate speech, had been written in chalk on her driveway.

Though a recent bout of rain had washed away the graffiti, when police arrived the woman showed them a picture she’d taken of it. The message was the word “GUB” and the popular religious fish symbol, known as ichthys.

The woman perceived the message as being anti-Semitic in nature, though the report noted once officer believed the word “GUB” has its source in the slang term “GUBBAH,” which is reportedly a derogatory Australian pidgin-English term for government worker.

A report was filed.

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