2 square off for sewer district commissioner

Voters in Kitsap County should already have started getting their ballots in the mail.

Two candidates are running for Sewer District 7 Commissioner position: Bonnie E. Harris and Jacob K. Johnson.

Both candidates were asked why should voters choose them over their opponent.

Bonnie E. Harris

I am well-qualified to serve as commissioner. I live in Fort Ward, within District 7 as required, and am invested in the community. I am familiar with the sewer district’s services and the duties of its commissioners. I am well-versed in how public services, like Sewer District 7, operate and the legal requirements imposed on them.

My legal experience enables me to step in ready to carry out the responsibilities of commissioner to oversee the management and financial operations of the district. I am a graduate of the University of Washington Law School, I spent the next 25 years as a senior assistant attorney general with expertise in advising Alaska’s public service agencies in meeting their objectives and managing those services according to best practices.

At a time when sewer rates have been rising, I will work as commissioner to ensure that Sewer District 7 continues to provide reliable and cost-effective services that keep rates down. And I will work to ensure that its Wastewater Treatment Plant continues its exemplary record of sound environmental practices treating sewer effluents.

Jacob K. Johnson

I am a business owner and educated tradesman with two decades of utility infrastructure experience. My early focus on underground construction for the government, commercial/industrial, and residential sectors developed a passion for clean and sustainable water. The majority of my business this past decade has been focused within the framework of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act, contributing to the protection of California’s groundwater resources through the design and installation of precise discharge and recharge systems, including groundwater banking. My business also provides service through new construction and reparation for various water/utility districts and water treatment facilities.

As a landowner and a voting member of the Fort Ward community, I am pursuing this opportunity to serve and contribute. If elected, my focus will be on environmental compliance—specifically the quality of treated water discharged into Puget Sound—while maintaining fiscal soundness for the district.

The district’s mission statement says: “To provide reliable wastewater services at a reasonable rate through thoughtful effective planning, efficient operation, and diligent administration. To be environmental stewards by meeting or exceeding discharge standards.” I, too, desire to keep our local waterways clean and look forward to the opportunity to serve and provide the stewardship expected by our community, exceeding set standards.