‘Wildcat’ film to be shown on BI

The film “Wildcat” will be shown Nov. 12 at the Historic Lynwood Theatre followed by a question and answer session with Samantha Zwicker and Stephen Hall.

A portion of the proceeds will go to Zwicker’s nonprofit Hoja Nueva to assist with ongoing animal rescue mission.

Wildcat is a documentary that follows Zwicker; Harry Turner, a traumatized veteran of the war in Afghanistan; and an orphaned ocelot rescued from the black market with little chance of surviving without their help. Filmed primarily in Peru’s rainforest, Wildcat explores the redemptive power of nature and wildlife.

Zwicker and Hoja Nueva are at the center of the film’s story. After growing up on Bainbridge Island and graduating from Bainbridge High and the University of Washington, Zwicker relocated to the Peruvian rainforest. There she founded Hoja Nueva, a leading conservation organization protecting the Amazon through rewilding programs, ecological research and applied conservation.

Zwicker and Hoja have become a leading voice for ecological protection and biodiversity preservation in the Madre de Dios region of the Peruvian Amazon, where Hoja owns over 3,000 hectares of land and has rescued and rehabilitated over 250 animals representing over 20 species.

Hall, also of BI, is executive producer of the documentary. He’s also on the board of Hoja Nueva and executive producer of “East of the Mountains,” based on a novel by David Guterson of BI.

Also, Zwicker and Hoja Nueva have hosted several groups of BHS students during summer educational trips through the Lengau program of BHS teachers Brad Lewis and Jason Uitvlugt. Zwicker was a student of theirs.