Locals show off their artwork at BI church

The 3rd annual Local Pop-Up Art Show Winter Soiree recently took place at Port Madison Lutheran Church.

Pieces ranged from abstract paintings to landscapes, to pottery, to textiles.

“I am never surprised to find artists in church. So often, when people feel most comfortable and loved, this love will manifest itself in many ways. During quiet moments when we are alone, that is particularly when we allow ourselves to express our feelings through creativity and art,” said the curator, Tamarah Rockwood.

Rockwood is a Harvard graduate and founder and CEO of Bainbridge Island Press, an independent poetry publishing house. She lives on Bainbridge Island with her husband and five children.

“It is crucial for artists to support each other, “ Rockwood said. “Whether in museums or small shows, this is how we survive and flourish both as a community and as a society.”

BI has an active art scene, and one familiar person is Don Truscott, who submitted pieces of his pottery at the soiree that he created at the Eagledale Pottery Studio. Truscott volunteers there.

“I discovered pottery at Montana State in the ’60s and have been a one-evening-a-week hobbyist since,” he said. “The last ten years, I expanded to a few days per week and also started going to the PMLC (Port Madison Lutheran Church) Christmas Bazaar to pay for studio time.”

Rich Crockett also submitted his pieces of landscape watercolor paintings for the soiree as did Sandy Haight, another local watercolor artist.