Church shows works of BI artists

Port Madison Lutheran Church recently presented its first local art exhibition, featuring pieces ranging from abstract paintings to landscapes, to pottery to weaving.

The exhibit called Discovered Art: A Winter Soirèe was displayed Dec. 4.

“I am never surprised to find hidden artists in churches,” curator Tamarah Rockwood said. “So often, when people feel most comfortable and loved in a congregation, this love will manifest itself in many ways, which is why we put together this event. To share…our creative human experience.”

Rockwood has a long history of working with undiscovered artists. From 2005-08, she published an indie-poetry journal titled, “Illume,” featuring poetry from local communities.

“It is crucial for artists to support each other, “ Rockwood said. “Whether in museums or small exhibits. This is how we survive and flourish both as a community and as a society.”

At the church event, Don Truscott, a familiar figure of the BI art scene, submitted pieces of his pottery created in the Eagledale Pottery Studio. Truscott volunteers at the studio of BI Parks & Rec.

He started working with pottery at Montana State in the 1960s and has spent one evening each week creating as a hobbyist ever since. The last 10 years he expanded to a few days per week and going to the church Christmas Bazaar to pay for studio time. Church pastor Ron Hoyum has a history of supporting the local community.

Fred Truitt submitted four watercolor pieces to the Winter Soirèe. He has enjoyed a successful career both at the University of Washington and Willamette University.

Truitt’s principal interest in art lies in plein air alla prima watercolor landscapes, structures and marine activity. Truitt has long participated in BI’s art community, as well as having work available for art appreciators on

Other artists at the show included Rich Crockett, Lynn Hoyum, Cindy Courtier, Carol McCarthy, Scott Corey, Fritz and Kathy Jorg, Burt Perkins and Rockwood.

A string quartet led by Dan Brown performed.

BI is no stranger to artists. Besides the BI Art Museum, which features a recurrent display of art, the island boasts a handful of art galleries supporting local artists. Among them are BARN, Bainbridge Arts & Crafts, Island Gallery, Roby King Gallery and Jeffrey Moose Gallery. The BI Art Walk also encourages the community to enjoy local artists throughout downtown Winslow.

Tamarah Rockwood painting.