BI’s Griswold house


Elves playing in Jackie West's yard on Ferncliff Avenue.
Christmas has arrived at Ferncliff Avenue. Decorating for the holidays is part of Jackie West's year-round quest to bring holiday cheer to Bainbridge Island. It's a family tradition that was started by her parents at her childhood home on Wood Street more than 80 years ago. Continuing the tradition is important to West and each year she updates her yard with additional items given to her by friends and family which she adds to the collection with help from her son, Brad West.
Santa greets visitors at the front door.
Christmas lights begin to glow as the evening darkens.
The Christmas display on Ferncliff Avenue from across the road has been a Bainbridge Island holiday attraction for 52 years.
Candy canes and toy soldiers line the path to Jackie West's front door.