Trump is failing as president | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

The Trump Administration is egregiously unethical, belligerent, antagonistic, dishonest, unaccountable, vindictive, incompetent and ineffective.

Sessions is only the controversy of the day. Bannon, BY LAW, must be confirmed by the Senate to serve on the NSC, and this hasn’t occurred OR made the news cycle yet.

I support a few key policies on which Trump campaigned, and oppose others, as I suspect many of my friends here do.

None of that matters. By any reasonable assessment, Trump is failing. This is not a partisan issue. If he is impeached, as seems increasingly likely, he will be replaced with a Republican. But at least Pence has real experience in administration, cabinet stewardship and accountability.

Republicans, it’s time to call on Congress to defend the Republic. Impeach Trump, not because the left wants it, but because the credibility of the right and effectiveness of the presidency demands it.

No one expects to replace Trump with someone who differs significantly from the values that drove voters to elect Trump. Pence is almost a poster child for most of those partisan values.

Trump is a leaky vessel, and has demonstrably poor judgment. He’s not doing his job effectively and appears incapable of avoiding needless problems and controversies, which monopolize his time and attention.

With control comes responsibility. Republicans, conservatives, do you want to be responsible for 47 more months of a Trump Administration?

Trump’s election was widely viewed as a death blow to the DNC and Democratic Party and its agenda and methods. But a continued Trump administration could, for Republicans, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.


Bainbridge Island