Zappify Bug Zapper Review – Does It Kill Mosquitos Effectively or Scam?

Are you tired of the biting mosquitoes while trying to enjoy a nice evening on the patio with friends? The summer is glorious, but it invites the spawning and flight of millions of these tiny blood-sucking parasites.

Chances are you’ve already tried everything to keep them away in the summer, with no success. Creams, lotions, sprays, mats, and coils provide limited results. It’s time to free yourself from that infernal buzzing around your bedside or patio.

The Zappify bug bulb promises you a mosquito-free summer.

Introducing Zappify – Zap Bugs Before They Zap You

Mosquitoes come out in the summer when the warm weather arrives and the water table refills. It’s common to see these little pests flying around in droves after rain in the early summer. There are dozens of mosquito species, and each of them causes painful bites.

Some species are more dangerous than others, but all mosquitoes can carry harmful diseases. Not only are the bites itchy and irritating, but they can make you sick if the wrong type of mosquito takes a chunk out of you.

Zappify bug bulb is your summer savior, sent here to blast the mosquitoes into oblivion. This innovative, affordable device is all you need to chase the mozzies away. It instantly wipes out mosquitoes in any location, with no need for chemicals and no toxic emissions.

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Zappify LED Technology to Eliminate Mosquitoes

The Zappify bug zapper features a UV light that attracts all flying bugs to the bulb. The mosquitoes and other bugs find the light irresistible, and they find themselves hypnotized by its glow.

When the mosquitoes and bugs arrive at the bulb, a high-power coil zaps them, and they’re toast, just like that. The Zappify bulb gives you 360° mosquito protection this summer, eradicating these flying pests from your property.

Zappify Bug Zapper – Features & Benefits

The Zappify bug bulb will be your new best friend this summer. If you’re tired of the mosquitoes biting your ankles when relaxing outside with friends, set up the Zappify bulb. The light attracts mosquitoes and bugs, keeping them away from you.


Ideal for Camping & Outdoors

This innovative device is a must-have for campers or anyone who likes going outdoors. Keep the bugs away without creams or sprays. You get an effective repellant that keeps you bite-free.

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USB Charging for Long Service Life

Charge your Zappify using the included USB cable. This portable bug zapper gives you hours of service on a single charge. No need to reapply creams or sprays; Zappify is all you need.

Chemical-Free and Non-Toxic

There are no chemicals or harmful compounds emitted by UV light. You get a safe alternative to mosquito pads, coils, creams, lotions, and sprays.

Compact and Portable

The Zappify bug zapper is a lightweight, compact unit that’s easy to stash in your gear when you go camping. Its highly portable design makes it easy to set up indoors or outdoors. Zappify has a durable, drop-proof design.

Hanging Hook for All Environments

The Zappify bug zapper has a built-in handle for easy carrying and hanging around the campsite or patio. Set it up in seconds and start blasting bugs.

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Zappify – Easy Setup & User-Friendly Operation

  • It’s easy to set up and use the Zappify bug bulb to clear the area of mosquitoes.
  • Position the Zappify bulb in your desired location, around 10 feet from your sitting.
  • Let the bulb run for two hours before sunset to clear the area of all mosquitoes.
  • Reduce light sources around the device to prevent competing light.

Order Zappify on Promotion & Save Up to 50%

How much do you spend each summer on bug sprays and creams? Now, you can get the Zappify bug zapper for a fraction of the cost and stay bug-free! The innovative device is available on promotion directly from the manufacturer. So, you’re not paying any markup at a big box retailer; you’re getting the lowest price possible.

  • Order one Zappify and pay $64.99. That’s a 50% saving on the regular retail price of $129.98.
  • Order the two-bulb bundle and pay $64.99 each (order total $129.99). Save 50% on the regular retail price of $259.96.
  • Order the three-bulb bundle and pay $48.66 each (order total $145.99). Save 63% on the regular retail price of $389.94.
  • Order the four-bulb bundle and pay $48.75 each (order total $194.99). You save 62% on the regular retail price of $519.92.

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All purchases of the Zappify bug zapper come with a money-back guarantee of 30 days. Unsatisfied customers can reach customer service at:

  • Email: hello@myzappify.com

Zappify – FAQ

Q: Do I have to plug the Zappify bug zapper into a wall outlet?

A: No. The Zappify bug zapper operates on a reachable onboard battery. Plug it into a USB charger to get hours of service life.

Q: Do I get a guarantee with my purchase of Zappify bug zapper?

A: Yes. All Zappify bug zapper bulbs come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with your results, send it back for a refund.

Q: What are people saying about their experience with Zappify bug zapper?

A: Visit the official online store, and you’ll see dozens of reviews from verified buyers discussing their results with Zappify. Order a bulb today and enjoy a bug-free summer!

Q: Is Zappify bug zapper more effective than bug creams and sprays?

A: Yes. With Zappify, no toxic oils or chemical compounds are leaching into your body. You get complete protection from mosquitoes and bugs without slathering toxic products on your skin.

Q: Is Zappify bug zapper pet-friendly?

A: Yes. The Zappify bug zapper won’t harm people or pets. It’s safe to use around children and doesn’t emit toxic byproducts.

Q: Can I Use the Zappify bug zapper indoors and outdoors?

A: Yes! The Zappify bug zapper is safe to use inside your home. Set it up in the lounge or kitchen to keep the mosquitoes away. The bulb emits a low light, so if you sleep soundly, you can set it up in your bedroom and sleep undisturbed.


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