Will Durst

Thermonuclear Chicken | Raging Moderate

Time to dig a bomb shelter. Stockpile some Kool-Aid. Nibble some Tootsie Rolls while catching a double feature at the drive-in. Pull out your pedal… Continue reading

Apparently, Trump is a Winner Surrounded by Losers | Raging Moderate

Donald Trump is a winner. Just ask him. After all, he won the presidential election. They don’t get much bigger than that. And winners find… Continue reading

Trump’s Fifth Avenue Requiem | Raging Moderate

Anybody remember when Donald Trump boasted, “I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and wouldn’t lose voters.” Now that we’ve… Continue reading

Fake Sons | Raging Moderate by Will Durst

And now, a few choice words about Donald Trump… Junior. Seems as if the eldest son of the Trump Crime Family is not the brilliant… Continue reading

Trump Loves Executive Orders Even More Than Obama | Raging Moderate

Donald J. Trump has many tools at his disposal. Both houses of Congress. The support of rural America. Friends in high places. His family. A… Continue reading

Eating Crow Now That America is Great Again | Raging Moderate

Dear Noble Rustics, Last November, you real and true Americans chose a New York City real estate developer as our 45th President because of your… Continue reading

Snowflakes Want Me To Be Nicer to Trump | Will Durst

I need to stop and thank all the nice folk who’ve been kind enough to take time from their busy schedules to provide this column… Continue reading

Comey Don’t Play That | Raging Moderate

Millions of Americans watched transfixed as James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee last week, and no, that’s not an oxymoron. To… Continue reading

Making America Jurassic Again | Raging Moderate

President Donald Trump possesses a style described by friends as virile and intuitive, and by foes as oafish and oblivious. Some see him as a… Continue reading

Was Trump Bitten by a Radioactive Spider? | Raging Moderate

Donald John Trump is keeping people busy. He’s got staffers, lawyers, streaming news alert editors, impeachment historians, ethics investigators, hair spray manufacturers, Putin watchers and… Continue reading

President Trump Stress Disorder | Raging Moderate

An epidemic is sweeping the nation, causing sufferers to experience feelings of hopeless doom, certain annihilation and cataclysmic collapse. It’s an existential plague manifesting itself… Continue reading

Report Card on Trump’s First 100 Days | Raging Moderate

It seems like decades since Barack Obama handed the keys to the country over to the House of Trump, but that was only at the… Continue reading

Bad Hair Wars Between Trump and North Korea | Raging Moderate

Enterprising entrepreneurs out there might wantto invest in a fleet of tractor backhoes and partial ownership of a limestone quarry, because it’s starting to look… Continue reading

A Covey of Political Caucuses | Raging Moderate

During the Trump Care Meltdown, when the same Republicans that chanted “Repeal & Replace” for seven years folded like a broken down lawn chair in… Continue reading

Trump is Breaking (the) News | Raging Moderate

Supposedly, the Chinese or the Arabs or the Scientologists or one of those ancient inscrutable cultures, has a saying that goes “May you live in… Continue reading

The Head of Trump University Got Schooled | Raging Moderate

It has been assailed as the end of democracy. Vilified as a form of slavery. Denigrated, denounced and disparaged. But like a blind, three-legged dog… Continue reading

Trump is the Picasso of Hogwash | Raging Moderate

The English language has a healthy share of euphemisms for lying. Fabrication. Falsification. Making stuff up. Inoperative statements. Alternative facts. Big fat fibs. Untruths. Puffery.… Continue reading

Russian Nesting Squalls | Raging Moderate

Whoever said that a week in politics can be a lifetime was living so far in the past, they probably have a drawer full of… Continue reading

The Fake News President | Raging Moderate

No matter what you think of Donald J. Trump, you got to admit he’s a cracker-jack salesman with an uncanny gift for manipulating the mainstream… Continue reading

The Trumpish Cabinet | Raging Moderate

In typical liberal fashion, the mean weenie left has called Donald Trump’s cabinet horrible things. “Corrupt nitwits.” “Career criminals.” “Greedy thugs.” “Clueless dunces.” “Bad dancers.”… Continue reading