David Eugene Rudesill

David Eugene Rudesill passed away peacefully at home on Bainbridge Island June 6, 2018 with his wife and sisters by his side. He was a man of many talents and will be missed by many.

David was born Dec. 3, 1948. He grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, a place he often said that if you folded the map of the U.S. in half, Fargo would lie in the crease.

He had the distinction of having the first skateboard in town and later in his teens the dubious tag of being the first hippy. Growing up on the Plains he had images of mountains and oceans in his mind. He was most likely the only resident in town to receive monthly publications of Surfing magazine.

At the age of 18 he headed west with his good friend Loel Hendrickson in a brand new Mustang Fastback. They experienced Haight Ashbury in San Fransisco and surfing in Santa Barbara. Those were pivotal years in the late 1960s and early ’70s. Vietnam, street demonstrations, Watergate, rock festivals and revolutionary music all were a factor in who he was and who he became while he furthered his education. David studied philosophy and English literature at North Dakota State University for four years.

In his early twenties, he lived for a time on Bainbridge Island with a group from Fargo. Older Island residents may recall the infamous “Gibson Gang.”

He participated in the very first University Street Fair with hand-made pots made with a friend.

He then lived in Healdsburg, California where he helped in the building and development of a winery. The Dona Maria is now Chalk Hill Winery, well-known for their fine wines.

David moved permanently to Bainbridge Island in 1976, where he met his wife Tannis and began his career as a builder/contractor.

During the years he has worked with Sweetwater Construction, Northern Light Construction, Mick Davidson as construction manager and at the end of his career owned his own business, Crystal Springs Construction.

For 40 years he built and remodeled one house at a time. He considered himself a very lucky man to have worked with the many clients who during the building process became friends and family. He took pride in never needing to avoid someone in the T&C. He was always courteous, conscientious and professional. He loved his work and it showed in his craftsmanship and knowledge of his trade and evident in the houses he built.

David was fun—loving and enjoyed his life to the fullest. He loved skiing with his buddies on a bluebird day at Crystal Mountain, good food, fine wine, traveling, hiking, fishing, wood working, being with good friends and being useful and of service to others.

He so gladly gave of his time and assistance. As his brother-in-law said, “He was a hell of a good guy.”

Five years ago David was diagnosed with mesothelioma, an asbestos-related cancer. He lived with the disease with grace and a determination to live each moment he had to the fullest. In between treatments, he and Tannis were traveling, enjoying friends and checking off the bucket list items. David was a remarkable man, and it was an honor to know him. He will be so missed.

He is survived by his loving wife of 40 years, Tannis Moore; his sisters, Cathy Fiudesill and Carol Rudesill-Brantley; and mother, Doris Rudesill.

His wife would like to especially thank his oncologist Dr. Chue of Lifespring Cancer Treatment Center. Dr. Chue is a brilliant and humane oncologist who’s unconventional and successful treatments gave David more years than expected along with the health to enjoy them. Many thanks also to his wonderful staff. Thanks also to Dr. Sylvia Lee and Seattle Cancer Care Alliance for the care and immunotherapy drug Keytruda which allowed for several more years of quality living.

Remembrances may be made to Arms Around Bainbridge, PO Box 4538, Rolling Bay, WA 98061-0538

Arrangements are entrusted to Cook Family Funeral Home.

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