Jessica Shelton

BRAIN-CHANGER: Arrowsmith combats learning disabilities through neuroplasticity

You don’t have to be religious to believe in the transformations taking place at Gateway Christian Schools’ Bainbridge campus. Cutting-edge science is at the core of a program that equips children and adults ages 6 to 82 to overcome their learning disabilities.

Man brings Compassion Tour to Bainbridge

Don't be alarmed if an inquisitive stranger waylays you downtown next week and hands you a notebook. The only thing he's soliciting is your response to the question: "Would you care to share your written concept of the word compassion?"

Pint-sized globetrotters: Nine Japanese students visit Bainbridge

When Theresa Nakagawa moved to Japan in 2003, she had no idea she’d be there for more than a decade.

Three for the road: Bainbridge native and friends motorcycle around the world

Chris Evans, look out! Bainbridge native Michael Stevenson, James Kohnen and Graham Risch are ready to take over at Top Gear.

A new face at Grace: Rev. Dillon takes helm at Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church’s new Rector knows all about putting his best foot forward.