It’s been said: More takeways from city bridge survey

Results from a recent online survey conducted by the city of Bainbridge Island on its pedestrian/bicycle bridge over Highway 305 show strong feelings — for and against — the proposed project.

Survey results were obtained by the Review via a public records request, and those results show that many islanders are still bitterly opposed to the bridge, no matter what it would look like in the end.

Here’s a sampling of comments added to the survey by those who were asked to choose a preferred design:

“This is most definitely a bridge from Nowhere to Nowhere. All it really does is REMOVE bike traffic from Winslow, which seems counter to the plan. There are no bike routes leading to the area, anyone going to the ferry would be on the West side of 305 already or on Ferncliff. This project is UNNECESSARY.”

“Why on earth do you want to waste funds doing this? It makes no sense. How many people actually live right there. They could cross at 305/High School. I have done it with a stroller no problem. Coming from Ferncliff. You can cross at Winslow, too.”

“I don’t prefer any of these designs… this whole project should be abandoned and scarce funds used to improve existing roads.”

“The survey forced me to choose however, I prefer NO BRIDGE. PLEASE DO NOT BUILD THIS BRIDGE that leads to nowhere.”

“The city did not offer a selection for NO BRIDGE! Please use allocated funds for bike paths on existing roads not on this bridge.”

“I prefer to have no bridge over 305 at this location. It does not offer enough return on the investment. I would much rather have the city to spend the money on improved bike lanes across the island. Currently bikes share the road on most roadways which is unsafe for children and older adults. Please make biking more safe on the island rather than waste a lot of money on a bridge that is not wanted by the community and serves very few users. It’s a huge waste of tax payer money!”

“None of the above. There should be no bridge. This is dumb on many levels.”

“Please don’t do this :(. This is not my Island :(.”

“I would prefer no bridge. I don’t think it’s necessary. I am someone who lives in Winslow, walks around Winslow a lot and supports non-motorized transport and I just don’t think it’s needed.”

“This bridge should not be built. It only serves ONE condo community — and they already have a trail to a crosswalk a block away AND they do not want the bridge. Stupid waste of money!”

“Keep in mind this thing could look really nice lighted for winter holidays and should boost people’s spirits in the rainy days. Biking it should be allowed with maybe a raised curb to separate pedestrians from bike lanes.”

“Makes a statement. Beautiful.”

“The work looks good. We look forward to using the bridge.”