BI Walkabout: Exercise, learn about local artists

A new BI Walkabout program has been set up at Battle Point Park.

BI Walkabout involves a series of 10 pedestals newly installed around the north pond at the park. Each month a different show is displayed, each sharing the work of an artist who lives on Bainbridge Island.

The goal of the program is getting folks out and moving in nature. Combining the two is called “green exercise.” Increased exercise will be an important component of rebuilding a sense of normalcy for our community, a news release says.

The premiere installation featured the poetry of John Willson, with illustrations by Patty Rodgers. Currently, the work of author Nancy Klimp is featured, and the artwork of Jared Noury. The next show, beginning in September, will feature the work of poet Sue Hylen from her latest publication titled Unravelling my Lifelines.

Sue Barrington, program manager for Bainbridge Metro Parks & Recreation designed it. It was funded by a Bainbridge Community Foundation grant.