4 BHS students honored for works of art

The Bainbridge Island Youth Art Awards were presented May 16 at the Bainbridge High School annual Arts Festival.

Cash prizes were awarded to four Bainbridge High School visual art students by the BI Studio Tour.

The grand prize winner was Olivia Memke for her 2-D work with graphite, acrylics and oil. The first-place winner was Adam Broga, for his scenic photography. Two honorable mentions were awarded: Eilise O’Hartigan for her work with oil and acrylics, and Ella James for her watercolor and digital images.

Tour manager Dinah Satterwhite shared a statement from Broga’s entry during the award ceremony: “The natural world serves as my primary inspiration. I’m deathly afraid of what our changing climate and ecological malpractice mean for the world. No matter how I approach it — ethically, emotionally, selfishly, or scientifically — the unspeakable crises that are coming at us terrify me. Each click of my shutter solidifies information about the way things are.”

Each student who entered was required to submit five photos and complete an application and artist’s statement. The awards were decided by three judges, each an artist from BI and a Studio Tour board member.

The award was open to Bainbridge students and residents who are high school juniors or seniors. This was the 10th year for the award, which is funded by last year’s Studio Tour artists who optionally donate a portion of their sales.

The tour is preparing for the upcoming Summer Studio Tour, scheduled Aug. 9-11. For details go to www.bistudiotour.com or call Satterwhite at 206-842-0504.

Work of art by Ella James.

Work of art by Ella James.