New hotel will bring change to Winslow | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

In looking at the plans for the new Winslow Hotel, there’s little question that a 75-room wedding destination/convention center with restaurants, meeting rooms and a bar will dramatically change Winslow.

How much the change affects our enviable quality of life, however, depends on a collaborative effort between the developers and community members. Conditions on the current plans to better address scale, traffic, parking and noise would honor a history of respectful development and ensure a good outcome for residents, local businesses and visitors.

The Planning Commission meetings are scheduled for May 9 and May 23. In the meantime, the plans and project updates are available on the city website.

All Bainbridge Islanders, not just those in the immediate area, have a stake in manageable development and appropriate land use.


Bainbridge Island