I’m joining the circle supporting Simmons | Letter to the editor

To the editor:

I am pleased to announce my support for Tarra Simmons for state representative.

As a lawyer, civil rights activist, and national-level political advocate, she has acquired the professional qualifications necessary to fulfill the requirements and expectations of this position. Her remarkable achievements are uniquely complimented by a diversity of personal experience, instilling in Tarra rare leadership qualities that are universally admired and that are often absent from the political candidate pool: compassionate wisdom, empathy for our most vulnerable populations, and a deep understanding of the root of today’s problems. Her honest and hopeful insight into our community’s needs makes her an authentic, accountable, and reliable choice to represent our district.

Of utmost importance to Islanders is the health of our environment and climate change. I have complete confidence that Tarra’s voice will echo these values of Bainbridge Island, as her strong sense of justice includes advocating for climate solutions and environmental protections. For example, Tarra is committed to backing salmon recovery initiatives and supporting policies that aim to reduce carbon pollution and protect our right to clean water and air. Her passion, skills and expertise will undoubtedly bring positive change on environmental fronts at the state level.

Tarra has unsurprisingly earned the praise and respect of lawmakers and elected officials across our state. I am proud to join the circle of support for Tarra; in my view, she is the only choice for an equitable and healthy future for all.


Bainbridge Island