Hitchcock now Seabird with fine dining

The popular Bainbridge restaurant Hitchcock is getting a name change, along with a new focus.

Chef Brendan McGill opened Hitchcock in 2010, but is turning it into Seabird, a seafood- and vegetable-focused restaurant that will open May 26.

“After ten years of dedicated service as Hitchcock, I’m excited to revive the space where it all began with a sharper focus on seafood and vegetables,” said McGill, owner of the Hitchcock Restaurant Group.

For Seabird, the kitchen has undergone an extensive renovation and the dining room has been refreshed. Boasting new floors and shimmering walls, a wide-open kitchen, and nautical-themed works of art, Seabird will have a Pacific Northwest beach-inspired vibe.

“We live in an area revered for its abundance of seafood, and I want to celebrate that as we continue our push to help define our regional cuisine,” McGill said. “It also feels like the right time to return to finer dining.”

Grant Rico, executive chef of HRG, is McGill’s partner in Seabird and will be the executive chef of the restaurant.

Seabird will showcase seasonal locally sourced and cultivated seafood and vegetables prepared with elegance.

The menu will feature Iced Shellfish section with a rotating selection of local oysters, and other gems from the sea like spot prawns, geoduck and green sea urchin.

Small plates include: Albacore Tartare, Dungeness Crab Chawanmushi, Octupus Salad, Chinook Salmon Crudo and Crispy Purple Peruvian Potatoes.

Large plates will include: Wood-fired Halibut, Seared Sturgeon, Whole Roasted Rockfish and Giant Pacific Octupus.

Tony Lombardi, beverage director of HRG, has created a wine program that will feature organic, low-intervention, boutique producers of bubbles, whites and light-bodied reds that pair well with seafood.

The cocktail menu will showcase clear spirits, tiki-inspired drinks, and creative twists on classic cocktails. The menu includes Seabird Old Fashioned, Parabollic Martini and Nitro Tommy’s.

Seabird, located at 133 Winslow Way E, will be open Thursday through Sunday from 5-9 p.m. Reservations are available at www.seabird.fish.