Speedy Spartans crush Central Kitsap in season debut

The Bainbridge High varsity boys swim team had a strong showing at the season debut meet against the Central Kitsap Cougars at the Bainbridge Aquatic Center Thursday, Dec. 5.

The Bainbridge High varsity boys swim team had a strong showing at the season debut meet against the Central Kitsap Cougars at the Bainbridge Aquatic Center Thursday, Dec. 5.

The final combined team scores were 134-34 Bainbridge.

“I’m very, very pleased with them,” said Spartan Head Coach Kaycee Taylor of the team.

“We’ve got a lot of experienced swimmers coming back this year and I expected them to start strong, and the new kids are more ahead of where the team has been in other seasons,” he said.

“We’re kind of starting to train like we’re at mid-season already,” Taylor said.

Taylor, who is now in his 11th year as head coach, said the team benefits from having a slightly larger roster than usual, something which has not always been the case.

“Great depth this year is a big advantage for us,” he said. “Last year we were about 26, this year we’re 30.”

Missing from the team this year is a dedicated diver.

“We didn’t have anyone interested in diving this year,” Taylor said. “We’ll have to make it [the points] up in other events.”

Speaking to the well-known athletic benefits of swimming, Taylor said that every athlete benefits from incorporating swimming into their training routine, regardless of their focus sport.

“It’s a complete body workout all the time,” he said. “You’re constantly moving and you can’t breathe all the time. Those things carry over into other sports. I think anyone who has a sport that’s involved with core muscles or high oxygen capacity benefits.”

The team had a second strong showing at their first away meet Friday, Dec. 6 against Ingraham High at Helene Madison Pool.

The final score was 118-52 Bainbridge.

“I’ve got the benefit of having an assistant coach who is a great motivator for those kids who are trying to  get into that higher level of swimming,” Taylor said of Assistant Coach Greg Colby, who is also the head coach of the girls swimming and dive team.

“He can get a little bit louder with them, and get them fired up. My position is to try to look at it a little more like trying to see where they [each swimmer] will excel at,” Taylor said.

BHS vs Central Kitsap Results


First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:45.71 (Sam Alpaugh, CJ Waite, Spencer Alpaugh, Marcus Tonsmann)

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:48.34 (James Bullock, Keenan Grant, Adam Comeau, Andrew Callahan)

Third: CKHS A Relay, 2:02.38 (Oliver Beery, Paul Lingenbrink, Danny Beery, Erik Jorde)

Fourth: Bainbridge C Relay, 2:02.85 (Connor Williams, Cade Taylor, Arthur Bacon, Adrien Chaussabel)


First: Parker Busey, Bainbridge, 1:54.74

25.50 28.37 30.37 30.50

Second: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 2:01.78

27.69 30.95 32.46 30.68

Third: Hatch, Camdon CKHS, 2:02.07

26.32 29.83 32.77 33.15

Fourth: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 2:11.65

29.67 33.52 34.42 34.04


First: Marcus Tonsmann, Bainbridge, 2:09.40

27.75 34.92 37.93 28.80

Second: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 2:09.78

27.51 33.49 38.40 30.38

Third: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 2:11.76

29.31 31.89 39.76 30.80


First: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 23.83

Second: Andrew Callahan, Bainbridge, 24.67

Third: Erik Jorde, CKHS, 25.14

Fourth: Danny Beery, CKHS, 25.28

Fifth: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 25.34


First: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 56.23

26.45 29.78

Second: Camdon Hatch, CKHS, 58.98

27.15 31.83

Third: Adam Comeau, Bainbridge, 1:00.40

27.89 32.51

Fourth: Parker Busey, Bainbridge, 1:01.28

28.62 32.66


First: Bill Lee, Bainbridge, 52.64

24.96 27.68

Second: Douglas Ortyn, Bainbridge, 54.99

26.33 28.66

Third: Erik Jorde, CKHS, 56.84

26.85 29.99

Fourth: Arthur Bacon, Bainbridge, 59.36

28.36 31.00


First: Spencer Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 5:07.42

27.39 29.86 30.82 31.05

31.69 31.27 31.58 31.35

31.77 30.64

Second: Jack Riley, Bainbridge, 5:32.64

29.23 31.39 32.48 33.18

35.09 33.99 34.80 34.59

34.46 33.43

Third: Eric Nibarger, Bainbridge, 6:10.21

32.41 34.49 36.34 37.42

37.66 38.34 38.72 38.91



First: Bainbridge A Relay, 1:35.82 (Bill Lee, Keenan Grant, Parker Busey, CJ Waite)

24.26 24.21 23.89 23.46

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 1:39.02 (Douglas Ortyn, Andrew Callahan, Adam Comeau, Marcus Tonsmann)

25.88 24.16 24.35 24.63

Third: CKHS A Relay, 1:47.67 (Camdon Hatch, Carson Sprecher, Paul

Lingenbrink, Brennan Dour)

25.36 28.46 28.75 25.10

Fourth: Bainbridge C Relay, 1:51.36 (Harrison Shinohara, Andrew Yalung, Connor Williams, Adrien Chaussabel)

30.15 27.22 26.04 27.95


First: Sam Alpaugh, Bainbridge, 58.84

28.59 30.25

Second: James Bullock, Bainbridge, 1:02.52

30.48 32.04

Third: Arthur Bacon, Bainbridge, 1:10.41

34.34 36.07


First: CJ Waite, Bainbridge, 1:05.59

30.31 35.28

Second: Keenan Grant, Bainbridge, 1:05.60

30.11 35.49

Third: Adrien Chaussabel, Bainbridge 1:15.66

35.24 40.42


First: Bainbridge A Relay, 3:36.60 (Adam Comeau, Bill Lee, Sam Alpaugh, Marcus Tonsmann)

25.50 54.54 25.60 53.76

26.16 54.94 25.57 53.36

Second: Bainbridge B Relay, 3:40.67 (Douglas Ortyn, Spencer Alpaugh, Parker Busey, James Bullock)

27.30 57.20 25.67 55.08

25.23 53.71 25.96 54.68

Third: CKHS A Relay, 3:48.88 (Danny Beery, Brennan Dour, Camdon Hatch, Erik Jorde)

27.43 56.82 27.94 59.70