Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review - Runners from four high schools converged on Battle Point Park recently for the Bainbridge High School cross country team’s sole home meet of the season.

Luciano Marano | Bainbridge Island Review - Runners from four high schools converged on Battle Point Park recently for the Bainbridge High School cross country team’s sole home meet of the season.

Spartans speedy, strong in season’s sole cross country home meet

Runners from four high schools converged on Battle Point Park recently for the Bainbridge High School cross country team’s sole home meet of the season, which saw stellar showings from many runners, local and guest alike.

BHS hosted visitors from Cleveland, Franklin and Garfield for the massive meet, which saw a fleet-footed flock of girls, and an especially massive pack of boys, turn out to run the 5,000-meter course, a deceptively challenging hilly and winding track, according to event officials.

It was the first and only home meet on the Spartan squad’s season calendar.

Among the women, the top finisher was Garfield’s Hannelore Schreder Peters, a junior, who completed the course in 20:13.

The best from Bainbridge was junior Cassidy Parr, who took fifth place overall, finishing in 21:40.40.

The next best Spartan was junior Cora Cole, in 13th place, with a final time of 22:37.70. Two sister Spartans nipped her heels: freshman Lena Wood (14th, 22:38.60) and junior Zoe Lim (15th, 22:40.00).

Best of the many, many men competing last week was Franklin senior Mapenzi Kinege (16:40.10).

The top Spartan was sophomore Alexander Miller, in fourth place (17:28.50).

BHS senior Reuben Allen took seventh (17:47.40), and sophomore Peter Mace Korytko took 12th (17:56.20).

The cross country season continues with the massive (more than 50 schools are slated to participate) Hole in the Wall meet at Lakewood High School Saturday, Oct. 12, with the Metro Championship slated for Thursday, Oct. 24.

Bainbridge / Franklin / Garfield / Cleveland at Battle Point Park Oct. 2 meet results


1. Hannelore Schreder Peters, 20:13.00, Garfield

2. Celia Fragale, 20:37.60, Franklin

3. Sophia Chrysanthakopoulos, 21:22.00, Garfield

4. Olivia Reichert, 21:29.30, Garfield

5. Cassidy Parr, 21:40.40, Bainbridge

6. Taliah Johnson, 21:48.10, Garfield

7. Ava Rothmeyer, 21:53.50, Franklin

8. Lola DeLong, 21:59.40, Garfield

9. Tess Imanishi, 22:03.50, Franklin

10. Ellie Wakefield, 22:06.30, Garfield

11. Joni Leahy, 22:10.60, Garfield

12. Sadie Hanscom, 22:31.10, Garfield

13. Cora Cole, 22:37.70, Bainbridge

14. Lena Wood, 22:38.60, Bainbridge

15. Zoe Lim, 22:40.00, Bainbridge

16. Christine Nguyen, 22:48.00, Franklin

17. Cate Gleason, 22:51.20, Bainbridge

18. Elizabeth Carroll ,22:53.50, Garfield

19. Dora McCotter-Hulett, 22:58.90, Garfield

20. Jennifer Duong, 23:05.90, Franklin

21. Ruby Nicholas, 23:13.60, Franklin

22. Eleanor Collins, 23:14.30, Bainbridge

23. Mckennah Thompson, 23:15.50, Bainbridge

24. Lydia Craemer, 23:21.30, Garfield

25. Isabel Thompson, 23:51.10, Bainbridge

26. Sophia Soap Allen, 23:56.00, Bainbridge

27. Sophia Samant, 23:57.10, Bainbridge

28. Hawa Jagana, 24:10.40, Franklin

29. Lillian Eckhardt, 24:19.00, Bainbridge

30. Emiko Miller, 24:19.40, Franklin

31. Jeanne Gary, 24:21.80, Bainbridge

32. Ava Donelan, 24:26.60, Franklin

33. Audrey Abrahams, 24:27.20, Garfield

34. Celina Tran, 24:36.80, Franklin

35. Amelia Johnson, 24:44.80, Garfield

36. Kathryn Feeney, 24:46.30, Bainbridge

37. Mayzie Carleton, 24:46.70, Bainbridge

38. Sophia Soltes, 24:48.50, Bainbridge

39. Saskia Meijer-Irons, 24:57.30, Garfield

40. Asha Budge, 24:57.40, Garfield

41. Phoebe Anderson, 24:58.10, Garfield

42. Sophia Brown, 25:02.00, Cleveland

43. Karen Hua, 25:02.30, Cleveland

44. Kayla Hoang, 25:04.00, Cleveland

45. Juliet Wallach, 26:16.00, Bainbridge

46. Ellie Ford, 26:28.70, Bainbridge

47. Ava Fimmano, 27:10.60, Garfield

48. Gina Deng, 27:15.20, Cleveland

49. Alyssa Tou, 27:15.20, Garfield

50. Elli Prickett, 27:42.80, Bainbridge


1. Mapenzi Kinege, 16:40.10, Franklin

2. Caleb Silverman, 17:02.50, Franklin

3. Donovan Jantz, 17:05.20, Garfield

4. Alexander Miller, 17:28.50, Bainbridge

5. Samuel Barnett, 17:33.30, Garfield

6. Conor Manley, 17:39.00, Garfield

7. Reuben Allen, 17:47.40, Bainbridge

8. Sage Yeshua, 17:47.80, Franklin

9. Cosmo Peterson, 17:48.00, Franklin

10. Simon Woodside, 17:50.40, Garfield

11. Ethan Kutch, 17:53.80, Garfield

12. Peter Mace Korytko, 17:56.20, Bainbridge

13. Owen Averill, 17:56.20, Garfield

14. Samuel Gelpi, 17:56.80, Garfield

15. Anders Pearson, 18:04.50, Garfield

16. Oscar Westneat, 18:07.70, Garfield

17. Micah Glasby, 18:07.80, Bainbridge

18. Zilong Zeng, 18:09.80, Franklin

19. Leif Griem, 18:14.80, Garfield

20. Miles Thomas, 18:17.80, Garfield

21. Samuel Cetron, 18:19.80, Garfield

22. Nicholas Bukovec, 18:38.00, Garfield

23. Nathan Lee, 18:42.30, Garfield

24. Samuel Morris, 18:54.00, Bainbridge

25. Hayden Murphy, 18:55.70, Garfield

26. James Nick Grant, 19:14.80, Bainbridge

27. Arnau Escuin, 19:14.90, Bainbridge

28. Conor Babcock O’Neill, 19:28.10, Bainbridge

29. Spencer Bispham, 19:28.10, Bainbridge

30. Dan Bermudez, 19:30.70, Franklin

31. Garrett Peterson, 19:31.80, Bainbridge

32. Devon Ling-Efird, 19:33.70, Garfield

33. Maxwell Strom, 19:34.50, Bainbridge

34. Oscar Fleet, 19:35.30, Garfield

35. Tom Steen, 19:35.70, Bainbridge

36. Kallen Young, 19:38.20, Garfield

37. Colin Heath, 19:39.30, Garfield

38. Ethan Glasby, 19:41.20, Bainbridge

39. Elijah Eli Sellers, 19:44.10, Bainbridge

40. Evan Deagen, 19:47.50, Cleveland

41. Brogan Rice, 19:49.10, Bainbridge

42. Martin Vroom, 19:58.90, Bainbridge

43. Michael Freeman, 20:00.30, Garfield

44. Tobin Blair, 20:01.40, Bainbridge

45. Yuta Kiami, 20:02.20, Garfield

46. Forrest Blair, 20:04.80, Bainbridge

47. Sebastian Rix, 20:07.70, Garfield

48. Seth Nguyen, 20:10.10, Franklin

49. Rowan Skipton, 20:30.80, Bainbridge

50. Owen Harrison, 20:31.60, Franklin

* Full results available at

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