Spartan seniors honored in last home meet

Bainbridge hosted the third Olympic League cross-country meet of the 2022 season at Battle Point Park Sept. 28.

For most runners, it was a meet to get better for the latter half of the season. However, the race was more meaningful for the six Spartans seniors.

The meet was Bainbridge’s only home one this year. So, the seniors were honored with shoutouts before each race. In addition, they were able to race alongside speakers playing music and competed in lighthearted team competitions after the meet.

“It was great to be here one more time and have everybody cheer me on,” Mayzie Carleton said. “It always makes me happy to have people cheering me on and saying my name.”

Tom Steen said: “It was really fun because we had music playing and team competitions. I also got a time I was really happy with, and it shows I can get better in the future.”

Since their career is wrapping up soon, Carleton and Steen look back at what cross country meant to them the past four years.

“I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot,” Steen said. “I don’t know what I would be doing in sports if it wasn’t for cross country. It’s bittersweet but I’m happy that I made it all the way.”

Carleton said: “It’s sad but I know I’m going to keep running in college even if it’s not with a real team. I’m going to miss the atmosphere and this community because there are so many amazing people.”

Although the seniors are looking forward to one final push to a state title, they have begun to look at how they can stay connected to the Spartan program after high school.

“It will be weird because I’ll keep running but there will be no more times or PRs,” Steen said. “I’m going to miss the team but it will be fun to be alumni and send letters back to them.”

Carleton added: “I’m definitely going to come back and visit. I might come back and coach because we have some alumni who coach, and that sounds awesome.”

Coach Anne Howard Lindquist coaches Mayzie Carleton one last time at Battle Point Park.

Coach Anne Howard Lindquist coaches Mayzie Carleton one last time at Battle Point Park.