Handful of wrestlers compete during winter break

Several Kitsap County schools traveled to North Mason High Dec. 28-29 for the North Mason Hawkins Memorial/Classic. Even though some of the top wrestlers took the time off, many others shined during the winter break.


The Spartans did not have any varsity boy wrestlers compete. However, Natalie Noel won the 104-115 division. Noel pinned Klahowya’s Alida Ruiz and Central Kitsap’s Paola Vicente. Audrey Pitts faced CK’s Jasmine Sullivan twice. Sullivan won both by pins. Sage Swalley earned two pins at the 156-171 division against Olympic’s Ollie Hudson and Klahowya’s Linley Wolfard-Henry.

North Kitsap

North Kitsap had four boys at 126 pounds. Michael Desmond went 3-2 and finished fourth, while Cayden Seevers and Ayden Abelman both went 1-2, and Nolan Hancock 0-2. At 138 pounds, Wyatt Trogden went 2-1 and finished second, Dayton Heymann went 4-2 and finished fourth and Evan Williams went 0-2. Anders Aiken went 1-2 at 144 pounds, and Wyatt Sloman went 1-2 at 150 pounds. Luan Bekteshi went 4-1 and finished third at 157 pounds, while Christopher Eberlein went 0-2.

Taylor Mendo went 3-1 and finished second at 165 pounds while Josue May went 1-3 and finished fourth. Brayden Tobin went 2-2 at 175 pounds. Jaxon Johnson went 2-1 and finished second at 190 pounds, Theodore Stearns went 2-1 and finished third, and Aiden Wolcott went 1-2 and finished fourth. Nathaniel Leppard went 0-2 at 215 pounds.

For the girls, Tayana Decoteau went 2-2 at the 121-130 division and finished third. Haylen Ward went 0-2 at the 131-135 division.

Central Kitsap

Nate Cronin 3-0 with three first-period wins at 106 pounds. Julio Zendejas went 2-1 and finished second. Keane Sager went 0-2 at 113 pounds while Aidan Hermida went 2-0 at 120 pounds. Lincoln Fox went 2-1 at 126 pounds and finished second. He forfeited the final match. Carter Chadwick went 3-0 with two pins and a 17-1 technical fall to earn first at 138 pounds. Andrew Rivers went 0-2 at 144 pounds while Ansel Auernhamer went 1-2 and finished fourth. Keahi Bonell defeated teammate Jesse Anderson in the 157-pound finals.

Curtis Schaefer went 2-2 at 165 pounds and finished third. Adam Bayne went 3-1 and finished second. Paola Vicente went 1-1 and finished second at 104-115 division.

For the girls, Abigail Kesti went 3-1 and finished second at 121-130 division. Rebecca Callao swept East Jefferson’s Ursula Schmidt with two pins. Jasmine Sullivan earned two first-round pins against Spartan Audrey Pitts.


Payton Steele was one of the Eagle boy wrestlers who won a match. Steele went 1-2 at 138 pounds, Bishop Bessler went 4-1 at 144 pounds and finished third, and Sean Price went 1-1 and earned second at 150 pounds.

Audrey Younger was the only girl to win a match. She went 4-0 with four pins and a first-place finish at the 121-130 division.


Olympic had three boy wrestlers score points. Nathaniel Payfer went 2-2 at 106 pounds and earned fourth place. Elijah Person went 1-2 at 126 pounds and Jasiah Masga went 2-2 at 138 pounds.

Shianne Kugler went 2-0 on the girls’ side at the 115-120 division.

NK’s Tayana Decoteau and Olympic’s Shianne Kugler battle on the mat.

NK’s Tayana Decoteau and Olympic’s Shianne Kugler battle on the mat.