Bainbridge rowers earn multiple medals at Covered Bridge Regatta

EUGENE, Oregon – Bainbridge Island Rowing Juniors and Masters rowers showed impressive performances with numerous wins and places at the Covered Bridge Regatta.

The regatta was held on Dexter Lake near Eugene, Oregon on April 14-15. Twenty-five rowing clubs from Washington, Oregon and California were present with several hundred rowers competing in over 500 entries.

Bainbridge rowers spanned generations with rowers from age 14 through 74, including four families with parent and child rowers.

Bainbridge rowers’ hard work paid off, with many boats medaling their races during this weekend’s regatta, showcasing a team containing deep reserves of talent.

That depth starts at the Novice level (first year rowing) and Novice Men’s Coach Tim Goss, noted that “rowing in their first 2000-meter race, the novice boys team performed admirably.” With a silver medal in the 4-oared boat, and a bronze in the 8+ “the team shows promise.”

“We will continue to work on fitness, stroke rates and slide control as we get into the meat of the season,” Goss added.

Womens Junior Varsity Coach Megan Ledoux said the Bainbridge rowers came ready to compete.

“I’m extremely proud of all of our athletes! Our team showed up mentally and physically ready to race,” Ledoux said.

“All of their hard on the water — as well as on the land — helped them achieve their goals. We were able to learn where our strengths and weaknesses are,” she added. “We will use this information to get us ready for our next big regatta in Canada.”

The next regatta on the schedule for Bainbridge Island Rowing is the Brentwood Regatta, taking place April 28-29 on Vancouver Island, B.C.




Mens Jr. Varsity 2- (B. Cohen/W. Sewell)

Womens Jr. Novice 4+ (M. Burkhard/O. VanNess/C. Parr/G. Sanchez/K. Musser, cox)

Womens Jr. Novice 8+ (B. Sturgeon/Z. Pells/S. Byron/E. Greene/M. Stoehr/J. Weller/V. Conklin/L. Hall-Lane/E. Montgomery, cox)

Mens Jr. JV 4+ (N. Faust/J. Philip/ H. Dore /C. Lindquist/N. Sublett, cox)

Mens Jr JV 8+ (N. Faust /J. Philip/H. Dore/E. Powers/R. Reinke/S. Bispham/C. Lindquist/A. Rovolo/N. Sublett, cox)


Mens Jr. Novice 4+ (O. Sykes/J. Palmer/S. Fleming/E. Hammer/J. Pomerantz, cox)

Mens Jr. Varsity 2- (C. Johnston/C. Goldby)

Womens Jr. JV 8+ (L. Goss/G. Turgeon/N. Bradshaw/E. Genkinger/N. Hammel/M. Bianchi/S. Wilkinson/K. Hung/P. Montgomery, cox)

Womens Jr. Varsity 8+ (G. Dymoke/J. Batson/O. Pells/T. Longley/I. King/R. Rosencrans/M. Carsten/M. Straub/O. Zachariah, cox)

Womens Jr. Varsity 4+ (G. Dymoke/J. Batson/O. Pells/T. Longley/O. Zachariah, cox)

Womens Jr. JV 4+ (A. Johnston/E. Goodman/M. Bukard/G. Stone/J. Ekstrand, cox)


Mens Jr. Varsity 2- (F. Reinke/S. Converse)

Womens Jr. Novice 4+ (V. Conklin/O. Vessenes/A. Boden/L. Hall-Lane/D. Gray, cox)

Womens Jr JV 8+ (E. Patrick/S. Michel/C. Chan/G. Sauermann/A. Johnston/E. Entress/J. Keys/E. Goodman/A. Taylor, cox)

Mens Jr. Novice 8+ (J. Arnsdorf/I. O’Hartigan/B. Van Aken/O. Sykes/W. Taylor/J. Muir/J. Odermat/S. Fleming/J. Palmer/J. Pomerantz, cox)

Mens Jr. JV 2x (O. Livengood/J. Beerman)



Mens Masters 4+ (E. Driggers/T. Goss/W. McGonagle/M. Saunders/S. Bloom, cox)

Mens Masters 2x (N. Otte/A. Oddo )


Womens Masters 4+(C. Vessenes/S. Haines/B. Shane/S. Entress/O. Zachariah, cox)

Mixed Masters 8+ (E.Driggers/T.Goss/W. McGonagle/M. Saunders/A. Livengood/K. Scanlan/C. Clark/M. DeCouteau/A. Taylor, cox)

Womans Masters 2x (A. Burton/ J. Ahrndt).