A look at local prep football games this week

Renton (5-4) vs. North Kitsap (8-1)

Renton will rematch North Kitsap after falling to Vikings 42-7 in last year’s district playoffs. The Red Hawks will look to slow down one of the hottest teams in the state. In order to slow down the Vikings, Renton quarterback Jesse Holmes and running back Gmir Green must play keep away.

NK’s offense can strike in multiple directions. The best way to beat the Vikings is to force quarterback Cole Edwards to make mistakes and keep the ball away from their playmakers as long as possible.

NK will respond with Logan Sloman. The wide receiver has wreaked havoc in the air, ground and on defense. If he begins to find holes in the Red Hawks defense, it will be a long bus ride home for Renton.

Franklin Pierce (5-4) vs. Olympic (7-2)

Franklin Pierce averages nearly 33 points per game. Most of the Cardinals points come in the first and fourth quarters. Olympic averages 29 points per game. Both will rely on their workhorse running back.

Cardinals Treyvon Silva has 1,485 yards and 14 touchdowns in nine games. He has 26 more carries than any other player on the team.

On the other side of the field is Joshua Gauyan. Gauyan was finally slowed last week against North Kitsap. However, the running back proved he can become more of a threat in the passing game when the running game falls apart. Whoever leads the charge can lead their team to victory.

Bremerton (7-2) vs. Fife (6-3)

On the stat sheet, the teams are close. Bremerton’s point differential is 104 this season while Fife’s is 124. Both have a variety of running backs to rely on. Fife has three who combined for 1,500 yards and 22 touchdowns on the ground.

Bremerton’s three running backs combined for 2,220 rushing yards and 29 touchdowns. Since both rely on their offensive linemen and running game, it will come down to who can stop the run first.