Omni DataSafe Reviews – Will It Really Help Keep Personal Data Secure & Private?

Online data storage has become extremely expensive; even if you store it online, it’s still unsafe. Omni DataSafe is a flash drive with a one-of-a-kind encryption that protects your data from internet hackers.

In the following Omni DataSafe review, we will discuss everything about the device, including how it works and its features, benefits, and pricing.

What is Omni DataSafe?

Omni DataSafe is an innovative encrypted USB drive that helps protect your data and identity from malicious people by using AES-256 military-grade encryption.

The pocket-sized flash drive can keep the most sensitive information you can access using a unique pin. It is compatible with various operating systems, including Windows, MacOS, and Linux, which makes it easy to transfer data seamlessly.

The Omni DataSafe is available in 32GB storage, which can hold approximately 12,000 MP3 files, 10 hours of videos, 12,000 photos, or 60,000 pages of documents. The device is easy to use as it has software that can perform password management, bill tracking, asset management, estate planning, and more.

The flash drive offers faster transfers and flexibility than any modern workplace demands. It makes data accessible and effortless, ensuring cutting-edge data protection. Omni DataSafe uses an automatic locking technique that immediately locks itself when you remove it from your computer.

Omni DataSafe has intelligent security features that not even hackers can tamper with. It resets and deletes all data after ten consecutive incorrect passcodes. You can carry the device and access data wherever you go, as it does not require internet access. The unique flash drive is a great gift idea and is available on sale only on the official website.

How Does Omni DataSafe Work?

Omni DataSafe is easy to use whether you are tech-savvy or not. It has built-in software that simplifies everything for you. The four functions of the software include:

  • Password manager– enables you to manage your passwords, reducing the risk of forgetting.
  • Bill-tracking– you can organize each household or office bill and keep up with the due date of each bill
  • Life planning– the device allows you to keep safe personal information like will, trust, and any plan for your future uncertainties
  • Net worth calculator– when you have all your assets together, Omni DataSafe helps you calculate your net worth and valuable assets

The device can work with macOS, Windows, and Linux operating systems. It allows the storage of different data types like photos, videos, MP3 files, documents, etc. The encryption technology works on all files and ensures your data is secure even if your computer faces a security threat.

It’s nearly impossible to accidentally delete data from Omni DataSafe since the buttons are not very sensitive. You don’t need an internet connection or installation to use the flash drive. Omni DataSafe ensures your data is safe even if you lose it; hackers can’t access anything as it erases everything after 10 failed PIN attempts.

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The Features of Omni DataSafe

Omni DataSafe contains intelligent features that contribute to its function and help keep your data safe.

AES-256 encryption- Omni DataSafe comes with military-grade AES-256 encryption that is unbreakable. Encryption secures data in government agencies, financial institutions, and military establishments. Omni DataSafe also stores your data offline, preventing the risk of hacking and password leaks.

Compatible software- the flash drive is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, enabling flexibility across different operating systems.

Automatic lock- the device has an automatic locking mechanism that locks itself as soon as you remove it from the computer. The tool provides an extra layer of protection.

Intelligent reset technology- the device has an intelligent reset technology that prevents someone from trying PINs. The technology enables the device to erase everything after 10 failed PIN attempts.

Custom PIN code access- using the custom PIN, you can only access any data on the Omni DataSafe. The code is also accessible to those you’ve shared the PIN with.

Adaptable storage- Omni DataSafe is not limited to specific types of files. You can store photos, videos, MP3 files, or documents for personal or work needs.

File management- you can easily access various data as the device stores and organizes sensitive data, including bills, assets, insurance policies, medical records, etc.

Rugged aluminum housing- the device has a solid aluminum housing that protects against physical harm. The case protects Omni DataSafe from accidental falls or drops.

LED light signals- the device has two LED lights when transferring data. It also lets you know if the device is working or well connected to your computer.

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The Benefits of Omni DataSafe

Easy to use- using Omni DataSafe is easy whether you are tech-savvy. It does not require any skills or experience to navigate. You create a passcode and transfer data to Omni DataSafe.

Works faster- unlike ordinary flash drives, Omni DataSafe transfers data in seconds. Its innovative technology allows for lightning-fast transfers.

Protects your data- you can rely on Omni DataSafe to keep your data safe, as it has AES-256 military-grade encryption that prevents hacking. The encryption is unbreakable and is even trusted by banks, government institutions, and the military.

Automatic backup- Omni DataSafe offers automatic backup that enables you to save your data without prompts.

Immune to force entry- anyone cannot access your data by trying multiple PIN entries. The device automatically deletes all data after ten failed PIN attempts.

Full access to your data- Omni DataSafe ensures all data is in your hands as it doesn’t use the internet to send information or lock data in cloud servers.

Organize files- Omni DataSafe has intuitive file management that allows you to organize and store crucial family and personal documents.

Customer support- the team at Omni DataSafe is present and ready to support customers whenever a problem arises.

30-day money-back guarantee- each Omni DataSafe package comes with a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you get a complete refund if you are not entirely happy with the device

Durability- Omni DataSafe is a durable device that resists wear and tear. It is protected by an aluminum case that prevents damage in case of a fall.

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How to Use Omni DataSafe

As stated earlier, using Omni DataSafe is straightforward and does not require any expertise. Here are the simple steps to use the device:

  • Step 1: enter a custom PIN code into the keypad;
  • Step 2: plug Omni DataSafe into your computer or laptop;
  • Step 3: transfer, organize, and manage files using the built-in software;
  • Step 4: eject Omni DataSafe safely from your computer and put it away. The device automatically locks itself when you take it out of the computer.

Customer Reviews

George Davis says, “I don’t know much about encryption, but even a tech newbie like me knows a keypad on a USB is more secure than one without. I saw other reviews rave about the specifics (that I don’t understand, to be honest) and figured I’d give it a try. I was relieved at how easy it ended up being to use. I like that I can’t be taken advantage of just because I don’t know much about computers, and I feel more protected from hackers now”.

Leslie Lincoln says, “It’s a very beautiful item, especially for those who are working in the IT sector or just people who like to help friends and family to solve problems with storing private info. Highly suggest this awesome USB to anyone who considers it!”

Jackson H. from New York says, “I use multiple encrypted hard drives for my data, this one is durable, safe, small, and just great to use. It’s on my key ring and has even endured being dropped a few times”.

Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

Users can only purchase Omni DataSafe online on the official website. The platform offers great discounts for a limited period. Here are the current deals:

  • One Omni DataSafe $79.00 + Shipping Fee
  • Two Omni DataSafe + Get One Free at $66.00 per unit + Free US Shipping
  • Three Omni DataSafe + Get Two Free at $59.40 per unit + Free US Shipping

Each Omni DataSafe purchase comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that promises a full refund within 30 days if unsatisfied with the device. Email support@omnidatasafe.com, and they will send you instructions on how to return it.


Omni DataSafe is a secure flash drive that protects your data. It contains 32GB of storage that can hold over 12,000 images, over 12,000 MP3 files, and over 600,000 document pages. The device provides unbreakable AES-256 military-grade encryption that keeps your data from hackers, thieves, and snoops.

The flash drive stores all your sensitive information offline, and the only way to access the data is by entering a unique passcode. The device allows you to organize and manage your files using its built-in software. It has features like bill tracking, password management, and more.

Omni DataSafe is compatible with various operating systems, enabling you to use it on various devices. The flash drive is small, allowing you to carry it anywhere. It does not require internet access to transfer files, keeping everything offline.

Anyone can use Omni DataSafe even if they are not tech-savvy. Its interface is simple and convenient to use. According to the manufacturer, Omni DataSafe is currently an optimal device in computer security technology. The device is durable and is not prone to damage due to its aluminum case.

The company that makes Omni DataSafe is located in the USA in Colorado. Visit the official Omni DataSafe to purchase yours today.


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