With thousands dead, Trump thinks only of himself

How did we ever end up with someone as unsuited to be president as Donald Trump? A perpetual juvenile bully cheered on by professional flatterers.

The day Mr. Biden memorialized the 100,000 corona virus dead, Mr. Trump said: “This is so unfair to me.” Yes, 100,000 people died but he can only think about himself. What a whiner.

The events in Minneapolis could have given him a chance to ask for calm and unity, but, instead he accused the “very weak radical left mayor Jacob Frey of total lack of leadership.” He tweeted about the use of “vicious dogs” and “most ominous weapons I have ever seen.”

Of course, no matter Mr. Trump’s incompetency and the chaos he creates, he keeps reminding us “what we are doing is like incredible like nobody believed possible.” Yes, indeed, it is “like impossible to believe.” Especially his chaotic response to the coronavirus pandemic which “is much under control in the US.” Nevertheless, it is all China’s, the WHO’s and Obama’s fault.

What sets Mr. Trump apart from other real and elected presidents are his never ending grievances with people who disagree with him, and his unusual hatefulness and cruelty toward the people he dislikes.

Without evidence, he accused Obama of “the biggest political crime and scandal in the history of the US, by far.” And, just as ugly, he asked “when will they open a cold case on the Psycho Joe Scarborough matter in Florida. Did he get away with murder?”

How does he get away with such outrageous statements and with his constant lies?

But then, maybe he is just mentally impaired and can’t be blamed. David Brooks calls him an “emotionally damaged narcissist” who missed out on “character formation” and has no “literary, spiritual or historic resources to draw upon in a crisis,” something that would “serve as a storehouse of wisdom when hard times come.”

We should probably be grateful that destiny saved Trump for us and gave FDR the management of WWII, otherwise, who knows, which language we would be speaking now.

James Behrend,

Bainbridge Island

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