Remembering Joyce Veterane

Joyce Veterane, a long time fixture in the Bainbridge Island community, passed away on May 16, 2020. We at Bainbridge Island Child Care Centers (BICCC) were deeply saddened to learn of this news, and want to take a moment to express the depths of our gratitude.

BICCC began as Berry Day Care in 1974, which was founded by Joyce Veterane and Meg Hagemann to address the emergent need for care of the young children of migrant workers employed in the island’s famed strawberry fields. Joyce’s program soon expanded to serve other local families in need of quality child care outside the home, and their vision for a program based on a solid curriculum in a nurturing, safe environment continues to inspire BICCC’s mission today.

The Veterane Foundation has had a lasting impact on BICCC’s ability to continue its mission today, contributing more than $100,000 for the school’s new campus, which opened in 2019. The legacy of Joyce Veterane’s passion for education and childcare endures in many ways, including the naming of one of our buildings after her. The Veterane Foundation has always been an active and vital part of our extended community by being present at fundraisers, and always generously giving, supporting, and developing abiding affiliations in friendship and love.

BICCC and its extended communities are so grateful to Joyce Veterane. We’re going to miss her terribly, but are honored to be at the helm of her legacy.

Emily Wachsman

Bainbridge Island

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