Voters have spoken, and they demand to be heard | In Our Opinion, May 22

A whopping 69 percent of Bainbridge Island’s voters have marked a ballot saying they want a new government. In a way, the vote was a… Continue reading

  • May 22, 2009

Cartoon | Interfund Loan | May 15

Cartoon, May 15.… Continue reading

  • May 15, 2009

Cartoon | May 8

Swine Flu… Continue reading

  • May 8, 2009

City says: Way out is now blocked by its ratepayers | In Our Opinion | May 8

Trying to make sense of the latest mess at City Hall in 350 words or less is probably impossible, but let’s take a shot at… Continue reading

Mariners fans rejoice: pain bygone in 2009 | The Latte Guy | May 1

I did our taxes the other day. For a variety of reasons, none of them good, we owed more taxes this year than we had… Continue reading

The best power plant is one you never need to build | Guest Column | April 24

By Council Member Hilary FranzThis week Puget Sound Electric Company (PSE) held a public meeting at the Bainbridge Commons to discuss a proposed substation and… Continue reading

  • Apr 24, 2009

School bond is an important one for community | Opinion | April 24

By Bainbridge Island School District board member Mary CurtisDirectors of the Bainbridge Island School District ask themselves the same three questions all island residents ask… Continue reading

  • Apr 24, 2009

Council-manager offers city chance to revive itself | In Our Opinion | April 24

Is the City of Bainbridge Island in a leadership and financial crisis? If so, what should the community do about it?Registered voters will address the… Continue reading

Pity the poor soul hooked on HD-TV | The Latte Guy | April 17

Comedian Lenny Bruce once described flamenco dancing as an art form wherein the dancer applauds his own ass. Because of the mental image I carry… Continue reading

Earth stewards: Faith communities should lead the way

By STANTON BROWNAs we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, I think of Dr. Robert D. Morris’ 2007 book, “The Blue Death”: “If we do… Continue reading

  • Apr 16, 2009

City needs new leadership, not a drastic change | Opinion | April 10

More than a year ago I signed a petition calling for a vote to change the form of government of Bainbridge Island. I signed the… Continue reading

  • Apr 9, 2009

Tale of two campaigns: Grassroots vs. nonexistent | In Our Opinion | April 10

By all accounts, the island’s looming special election on a new form of government figures to be a close one. In most elections, the side… Continue reading

  • Apr 9, 2009

Tools teach more than wood-working skills | The Latte Guy | April 3

I hear, and I forget. I see, and I remember. I do, and I understand.– ConfuciusWhen my dad died a couple of years ago, I… Continue reading