The tax rolls: is land rolling off of them?

Does free land come at a price?Wednesday in this space, we considered the recent donation to the city of a million-dollar Ferncliff parcel, given for… Continue reading

  • Aug 3, 2007

Gift of land a test case for island values

Are the environment and affordable housing an either/or proposition? We received a letter the other day that gave us pause. It read:“What a shame Ms.… Continue reading

  • Aug 1, 2007

Building up our libraries by the book

He really likes libraries.When he was 10 years old, his family moved to a new house just down the street from the town library, and… Continue reading

  • Jul 28, 2007

Accidents are just around the bend

The timeline was unimaginably cruel.On June 23, they got married. In early July, they purchased a JetSki personal watercraft to enjoy the summer weather together… Continue reading

  • Jul 21, 2007

What Briggs owes now is some candor

Tie her up, put a gag in her mouth and keep her on ice until the trial’s over.A rather film noir-ish treatment to be sure,… Continue reading

  • Jul 18, 2007

Water, water everywhere (even here)

Back in the day, when the Northwest summer finally settled over Bainbridge like a warm, fuzzy blanket, there was no question where island kids would… Continue reading

  • Jul 14, 2007

Bainbridge: new hotbed of Eymanism?

They are ruining our community.They can’t be trusted with our money.They should put it all to a public vote.Funny times are these, when the rhetoric… Continue reading

  • Jul 11, 2007

Facts harder to reach than conclusions

Faced with the bare facts, any media hack would draw the same conclusion: there’s a difference in news value between a threatening letter directed at… Continue reading

  • Jul 7, 2007

Angel could put Kitsap Dems to test

Was that partisanship in the air at the Kitsap County Commission this week? We’re shocked – shocked! – at such a notion.Yet efforts to find… Continue reading

  • Jun 30, 2007

Conservation begins here

It’s not the most positive review when the value of aconservation project is measured in bird poo.Yet such was the assessment by one expert from… Continue reading

  • Jun 27, 2007

Mythologies may differ, violence doesn’t

Different communities spawn different mythologies.In upper-class suburban enclaves, teen-on-teen violence is embodied in the popular mind by the dark-clad outcast, shunned in regular social circles… Continue reading

  • Jun 23, 2007

One thing you can count on: Rotary success

In an age of diminishing expectations – of buying power, affordable health care, retirement at a still-vigorous age, world peace, the very survival of the… Continue reading

  • Jun 20, 2007

Make traffic decisions for reality of today

Those were the days, 1989.You could buy a nice house on Bainbridge Island for $150,000, and a mobile home went for less than half that… Continue reading

  • Jun 17, 2007

Something has been lost/Points north

Something has been lostIf you were wondering how some City Council members could boycott their own meeting last week with a fair conscience, here’s your… Continue reading

  • Jun 13, 2007

Fair warning for roadwork on the horizon

It was a season of searing heat, and not just at the beach. Collars were plenty sticky behind the wheel and behind the counter.The summer… Continue reading

  • Jun 9, 2007

Chapter ends for 200 Building

The thing about the 200 Building was, nobodyexpected to build it.Commodore Middle School eighth graders were all poised to tour Bainbridge High School on May… Continue reading

  • Jun 2, 2007

Downtown living comes with bustle

Like buffalo to the watering hole, every Thursday evening they came – scores, perhaps hundreds of motorcyclists drawn to the neighborhood pub for build-your-own tacos… Continue reading

  • May 30, 2007

Older laps for older cats

Sheila Crofut never thought of herself a cat person, but when she was asked to take in a 13 year-old black-and-white kitty named Chin Chin,… Continue reading

  • May 25, 2007

A small matter of investment

Whose downtown is it, anyway?While we all take a proprietary interest in “our” Winslow Way, some interests are more equal than others. That’s why we’ve… Continue reading

  • May 19, 2007

Try a ‘green for green’ investment

Nineteen trees lost, 184 trees planted.That’s the forecast on the Bainbridge High School campus, on the essential eve of ground breaking for the new 200… Continue reading

  • May 16, 2007