• Friday, December 12, 2008 7:59pm
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Septic realities include upkeep

Like most Bainbridge Islanders, we have a septic system. It inconveniently backed up the other day. We called Bainbridge Disposal. Within two hours a large special truck was in the driveway. A Dave Schaber got right to work. He was a pleasant guy, had the right tools and knew what to do.

First job was finding the tank. He used a crowbar but also has a magic pellet he can flush down the drain and track with a radio signal.

A half-hour later he had the cover off and a half-hour after that the tank was empty.

Dave recommended another firm in Silverdale, Northwest Septic, to repair the junction box just beyond the tank. Called them. Same experience. A Rich Vititoe showed up the next day and replaced the box. He ran short of time but returned the next day, a Sunday, to complete the job.

His service included a special pressure washer machine that cleans the drain lines.

Total cost for both firms: $1,000. Not bad considering the stories I hear about new systems requiring special environmental consultants and running easily $15,000 or more.

We are fortunate to have two well-run, attentive local firms. Hats off and a low bow to both companies.

Also, a bit of advice. We had not had our tank pumped for many years. “A properly cared for septic system will last indefinitely,” we had lulled ourselves into thinking. Not true.

It needs to be inspected and pumped every few years or you could be facing big trouble. Until all island sewers are a reality, take care of your septic system like everything else.

Jim and Sylvia Martine


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