Ethical meatpacking is essential

This letter is responding to “Rise above it all: Bainbridge slowly learning to leave the nest” by Brian Kelly.

I heard that COVID-19 outbreaks in meat-packing plants are causing meat shortages on Bainbridge Island, and I noticed this when shopping for my grandma. I have heard a lot about coronavirus in meat plants, in particular I have heard a lot about Cargill, a meat company that sells their products at Costco. At one of their plants in Pennsylvania, 900 employees contracted coronavirus. This speaks volumes to their health and work procedures.

It is important that we know that we are supporting meat companies that treat their employees ethically. Cargill is not keeping their employees safe during coronavirus or beyond. In the past they have had multiple complaints over workplace injuries and safety violations. Costco should not be selling products from a company that does not care about the safety of their employees, and consumers should not be buying their products.

The recent outbreaks of COVID-19 at meat-packing plants across the country should serve as a reminder for consumers to make sure that they are buying meat that is ethically sourced and produced.

Brianna Bjolstad

Bainbridge Island

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Ethical meatpacking is essential

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