Suzannah Sloan


Suzannah Sloan, former resident and founder of The Furrytale Farm on Bainbridge Island, died Wednesday, March 17, at her home in Sequim, WA.

The Furrytale Farm was home to horses, ponies, pot-bellied pigs and dogs, all needing rescue. The farm provided nutrition, complete medical care, and a comprehensive rehabilitation program. Suzannah could never say No when there was a need. Bainbridge Islanders provided support for the farm with donations and Suzannah contributed her proceeds from a successful career as a novelist.

Her novels, with knock-your-socks-off surprise endings, focused on the issues she cared about. The problems of rape, incest, terrorism, prejudice, murder. Along with the question of justice in the face of these. She wasn’t afraid of any subject. She called her books “social thrillers”. Writing as author Susan R. Sloan: Guilt by Association, An Isolated Incident, Act of God, Behind Closed Doors, A Reasonable Doubt, In Self Defense.

She also wrote two cookbooks with Bainbridge friend, Sally Sondheim, one titled A Dinner a Day and the sequel, The Accidental Gourmet. Astonishing productions with everything thought through for you: Shop once a week and cook dinners in 60 minutes or less with a different dinner for each weeknight of a full year. And with a bonus of witty titles for each course.

Suzannah brought her formidable will, skill and ingenuity to all she undertook. But she will be remembered most especially for her generosity and compassion. She will be greatly missed by all those whose lives she so enriched.

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