Peter Manning

Nov. 26, 1947 - Oct. 28, 2018

This past October, we said goodbye to a one-of-a-kind husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother-in-law, architect, musician, chef, intellectual, motorcycle enthusiast, master of witticism, and all-around, lovable wise-ass.

Peter was born in Montclair, New Jersey and graduated from nearby Morristown High School. He was a union musician in high school and went on to play in an exceptional band as he pursued a Masters degree in Architecture at Syracuse University. He coerced Syracuse U. into letting him spend his junior year studying at the AA School of Architecture in London and, after graduation, moved back to London with his wife, Susan. He worked for a British architectural firm for a year before moving back to the U.S., where he had a successful career in Architectural/Engineering firms in Upstate New York, New York City, Washington D.C. and San Francisco. In 1989 the family moved from the bay area to the Pacific Northwest, first to Bainbridge Island, and then later to the Ballard neighborhood in Seattle. On Bainbridge, Peter opened his own architecture practice, specializing in phenomenal shingle-style, craftsman homes. He was also an accomplished jazz bassist, photographer and writer. He enjoyed motorcycling, cooking, reading, travel, intellectualism and witty exchange. He had a great talent for making people smile and laugh, and for reminding them that life is to be enjoyed. He was truly a giving and caring soul.

He is survived by Susan, his wife, his sons, Theo and Jordan, his daughter-in-law, Jen and his amazing granddaughters, Vail and Grey, who he spoiled relentlessly. They loved their Grampie so much. He also leaves behind a collection of wonderful friends with whom he enjoyed many great meals, discourse, travel and memories.

He will be so greatly missed.

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