Peter M. Knutsen

1943 - 2022

Peter M. Knutsen, 79, died May 13th. He was a commercial fisherman in the longlining fleet from his teen years until he retired. Pete was very active in the longline industry, always trying to make improvements for the business and for the folks who worked on the boats. He worked tirelessly to keep the longliners going when the halibut and sablefish stocks were in decline. It was through those group efforts, longlining once again became a viable fishery and remains so to this day.

He is highly regarded and respected by his peers as an innovative and caring fisherman. He is often referred to as a legend, for his devotion to the fishery over so many years.. Pete ran two boats over the course of 50 years, the F/V Northern, a wooden halibut schooner was his boat for many years, then replaced by the Quest, Pete met Joyce Pardee in Ketchikan in 1964, they were married for 54 years. They lived in Ketchikan for a few years, then relocated to Bainbridge Island where they have lived for many years. He leaves behind wife, Joyce, son Joseph, daughter Paula, 6 grandchildren, sister Diane Adams, brother Jack Knutsen and several nieces and nephews.

There will be a memorial to be decided on at a later date.