Mildred Virginia Woodward

June 15, 1944 ~ Nov. 3, 2019

Mildred Virginia Woodward

On Sunday March 22nd from 10 AM to 3 PM at the North Shelter of Bainbridge Island’s Fay Bainbridge Park there will be a “Celebration of Life” for Mij Woodward. Family, Friends and Acquaintances (Well, just about anybody) are all invited. We are going to share our favorite memories, so bring along any photos or mementos that you might want to share. We all must be on our best behavior because I know SHE will be watching. Some food and drinks will be provided. The shelter has a roof so if it rains, we can all huddle together under it. I am also torn between giving everyone a Double Dare to wade out in the water up to their knees or just to those young ones under thirty. In addition, I should remind the BHS Class of 62, that in spite of past experiences, Fay Bainbridge is not a “Clothing Optional” beach………Orville Knute Eide.

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