Margaret Grant

October 10th, 1920 - July 4th, 2021

Margaret was born in Red Deer Alberta, Canada to James R. and Margaret M. Waldron. The family re-located to Bainbridge Island when she was a young child. After graduating from Bainbridge High School she attended college and taught school in Washington for 3 years. During WW2 she moved back home to help her parents while her brothers were fighting in the war. There, she learned computer data entry at the Winslow Shipyard. She spent the rest of her working life in administration and managerial positions in Seattle and Portland. She retired in 1983.

Margaret passed away at age 100 in her home in Mt Angel Towers, Oregon. She was preceded in death by her son, James Webb. She is survived by a son, Robert Webb, two grand daughters, Crystal and Athena and three great grandsons.

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