Lisa Ayers

April 10, 1954 – December 20, 2019

Lisa Thyholt Lawrence Ayers was born in Seattle on 04/10/1954 and raised on Bainbridge Island, Wa by her parents, Erling and Mary Thyholt. She graduated from Bainbridge High School class of ‘72, followed by some classes at Olympic College.Nearly 20 years ago she moved to Nevada, living quietly with her cats, daily emailing friends and family to keep in touch. Recently she was airlifted to Utah for diagnosis of what turned out to be cancer. She passed away in the early hours of 12/20/2019.

She leaves behind her beloved and loving son Jaime Inteus Masou Lawrence of Suquamish, Wa, daughter Christa Heiskell, sister Jill Burdick of Keyport, WA, grandaughters Kaliska Sanuye Lawrence and ZoeyAnne Marie Lawrence, and nephew Bill Burdick and the many kitty cats that were her life.

Her family was fortunate to be able to spend time with her at the end of her life – her sense of personality coming through – even though she had only a “whispery” voice!

Lisa also leaves behind many dear friends who became family through her life – Toni Price, Earlene and Jesse Larsen of Nevada, Jim Heiskell of Montana. She will live on in our hearts.

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