Whiskey, laughs, licks and a DUI arrest

Whiskey, laughs, licks and a DUI arrest

A young woman stopped for suspicion of impaired driving tried to make a boozy love connection with an arresting officer during a bizarre traffic stop earlier this month.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of Thursday, Aug. 3, according to a recent report filed by a Bainbridge Island police officer.

The strange traffic stop started just before 2 a.m., and culminated in the arrest of a 23-year-old Bainbridge woman for driving under the influence and failing to obey an officer.

Police first began following the woman, who was driving erratically in a Subaru Forester, on Highway 305 south of the Day Road intersection at 1:53 a.m. Aug. 3.

The car swerved over the fog line about 20 times, police said, and the center line five times between the Day Road and High School Road intersections.

There, the driver sped up and continued south after the car in front of her pulled off onto High School Road. Police estimated the driver eventually topped out at 85 mph in the 40 mph zone.

Ignoring the police cruiser’s flashing lights, the driver continued on, stopping at the red light at Highway 305 and Winslow Way.

When the light turned green, the driver turned east, still ignoring the police car’s lights.

The vehicle entered Harbor Square Loop and ran over two 3-foot-tall light fixtures that line the roadside.

Police observed the driver continue on regardless, eventually stopping near the enclosed parking structure at a nearby residential building.

Police said the driver’s window was down and the woman was waving a small white card, apparently trying to gain access to the building’s garage. However, the driver was waving the card not at the electronic terminal, but at an adjacent yellow concrete pillar.

When approached, the woman asked why she’d been stopped.

The woman said she had no license with her, but gave her name to the police. She also had no insurance or registration on hand.

Police noted an empty bottle of Fireball whiskey with no cap in the cup holder next to the driver, smelled the odor of alcoholic beverages, and saw the woman behind the wheel had bloodshot, watery eyes.

The driver performed poorly on field sobriety tests, too.

When police attempted to take her purse from her shoulder to handcuff and arrest her, the woman did not respond.

When an officer removed the handbag from her shoulder and passed it to a second officer, the strap touched the woman’s head and she began to scream, “It went over my head!”

Once cuffed, the woman began screaming and police were unable to calm her. Suddenly, after being seated on the bumper of the police car to rest, the woman’s head slumped and she became silent, apparently having lost consciousness.

When police took off the handcuffs and called for medical aid, the woman quickly sat up and began laughing and grabbing at the uniform of the closest officer.

The woman cycled in and out of consciousness, police reported, in “roughly 10-15 second intervals repeatedly” after that. As police tried to lead the woman to the nearby sidewalk, so she could sit down more safely, she began licking one officer’s arm. She also kept trying to move her face closer to his, and made kissing expressions. She then demanded that the officer “come here.”

Fire department personnel arrived and administered medical assistance, ultimately transporting the woman to the hospital by ambulance.

The woman’s car was impounded, and two vials of her blood were drawn at the hospital to verify her intoxication level.

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