Subscribers will get BI Review by mail

The Bainbridge Island Review is switching to mail delivery.

As a result, advertising and news deadlines will be moved up a day to ensure subscribers receive their newspapers on Fridays.

The Review is finding it hard to find people to deliver the paper, much like many other businesses are finding it difficult to find employees during the COVID-19 pandemic. As a result, some people were not getting their papers on time.

Also, many people on BI don’t like that the newspaper is delivered in a plastic bag, which for years has been the only way to make sure the paper remains dry for readers.

With mail delivery, those reasons will no longer be problems.

With the change, the paper will be printed midday Wednesday now rather than midday Thursday. That backs up the news and advertising deadlines 24 hours, meaning, for example, Letters to the Editor must now be received by noon Mondays to make that week’s paper.

Ad deadlines also are noon Mondays.

– Steve Powell, editor