Stepdad charged in child rape years ago in Ollalla

A 50-year-old Aberdeen man has been arrested and charged with first-degree rape and first-degree child molestation.

Bail is set at $250,000. Maximum penalty is life imprisonment and/or a $50,000 fine. The man is a convicted sex offender and transient in Grays Harbor County.

Probable cause papers in Kitsap County Superior Court say on Feb. 22, 2022, one of the man’s stepdaughters reported a sex offense that happened about 13 years ago in Olalla when she was around 5. His previous conviction involved similar crimes against an older sister.

The stepdaughter said one molestation took place in their truck, and if she didn’t “want to act like a good kid” he would make her get out of the truck. She showed officers pictures of scars on her abdomen to prove other abuse.

Court papers say molestation of the “princess” also took place in the backyard playhouse around a tea party set. She was told not to tell her mom about them playing doctor. A rape occcurred when her mom was heavily medicated and sound asleep, and included putting duct tape over the child’s mouth. He bought her a Dr. Pepper, court papers say.

She said he molested or raped her between 15 and 30 times; a few times he made his son watch, who was only a year older than the victim.

Her mom left the stepdad once she found out about the attacks on her older sister. Her mom told officers between the two they had 11 children who played outside a lot. His ex-wife also lived with them for a time in Ollalla.

A stepbrother said all the boys slept in one room and all the girls in another. There was only one bathroom. He recalled seeing the dad with the victim enroute to the bathroom one night. He also said one of his brothers is in prison for a sex offense, court papers say.

Officers contacted the man’s current wife, who said she found handwritten documents about molesting a stepdaughter. The man’s psychological evaluation in 2004 described similar instances of abuse.