Second-half 2020 property taxes are due Nov. 2

Multiple methods to make payments to county

If you pay your property taxes instead of your mortgage lender, it’s time to pony up some dough.

Kitsap County property owners – both residential and commercial – have until Nov. 2 to pay the second half of their 2020 tax bill. After that date, interest charges and penalties will be added.

While the first-half payment deadline was extended due to the then-emerging COVID-19 pandemic, an extension of the second half won’t happen, a news release from the county assessor’s office Tuesday says.

“An extension of the second half deadline could create substantial financial risk for many cities, counties, school districts, fire districts and other special-purpose districts. These jurisdictions rely heavily on the timely receipt of the year’s second installment of property tax revenue to make December debt service payments,” the release says.

To make the process easier, the county is providing several ways for property owners to pay their taxes. Payments can be made online through a secure eCommerce system. Third-party service fees apply.

Taxpayers also can pay by mail. They cannot pay in person due to COVID restrictions.

Taxpayers also can drop off their payment at a specially marked, secure drop box outside the Kitsap County Administration Building, 619 Division St. in Port Orchard.

The county also is offering a payment plan program to help taxpayers impacted by the coronavirus. This program continues to be available for real property homes, commercial businesses, land and mobile homes in the county. Taxpayers participating in the plan will also need to pay interest of one percent each month on the outstanding balance. A payment plan for 2020 taxes may be for two or three months, to be completed by Dec. 15.

About 95,440 property taxpayers throughout the county are receiving “Change of value” notices. The notices are based on property values as of Jan. 1, 2020 or new construction as of July 31, 2020.

Taxpayers can check their values and characteristics in the “Parcel Details” feature on the Assessor’s website at Sales trends are available on the website, as well as information regarding various property tax exemption programs.

The assessor’s office remains closed to the public; however, staff is available to answer questions. Leave a message at 360-337-7160. You can also email the treasurer at or visit the county’s payment options page at