Science projects bring out creativity in kids

Thirteen videos of projects made for the 2nd annual Otter Science and Maker Fair are posted on the Ordwell Elementary School website.

Kindergarten students in Bainbridge Island were the most involved.

Max did an experiment with baseballs made of different materials. Oscar and Milo simulated what a volcano would do using Coke and Mentos. The more Mentos used the higher the explosion. Rys made a volcano using paper then using sand and showed how lava affects the landscape. Connor showed how a balloon can be blown up without blowing into it. Hannah showed how to make dinosaur impressions using different materials. Harper showed how it takes about 30 days for a caterpillar to turn into a butterfly.

Omid and Thisbe found out the ph indicator for various liquids, such as bleach, baking soda and sugar. Caledonia made pancakes without using certain ingredients, such as salt, sugar, butter and using water instead of milk. Noah made a peanut butter dipped in cookies and cream cake, while Ovemarie made The Game of Bones. Cayla found out her cat is left-pawed, and Aidyn made three designs of paper airplanes, figured out their lift and drag, and found out how straight and how far they would fly.

Ribbons and certificates were to be handed out after the newspaper went to press.

Hannah's experiment found it took 30 days to develop a butterfly.
The experiment done by Rhys had to do with a volcano.
Caledonia made pancakes with different ingredients.
Max and his baseball experiment.